If people say that putting breakdowns in every song gets old...?

...then what about guitar solos? If every song always had a guitar solo then wouldn't' that get old? Breakdowns can be differently sone just like guitar solos. People say "breakdowns are the same" can't solos be? They're usually done on the g, b and high e strings far down the neck in like the 20th/21st frets somewhere in that range not that it makes it bad but, if you say putting breakdowns in every song makes it boring then i could say the same about guitar solos or choruses or anything you name it. So, what i'm asking is why do people say "breakdowns boring" all the time but no mention of guitar solos becoming boring or take Metallica for example their intros they use a lot of those.

PS do enjoy me guitar solos btw like Suicide Silence's Genocide, Nightwish's Nemo, Sirenia's The Path To Decay, Suicide Silence's YOLO, Whitechapel's I Dementia, TAIM's Soldiers of Immortality/Sepultura's Territory

PSS i'm not a scene kid/i like women not men before you go into the jokes

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  • 7 years ago
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    Both of them get old. You don't want to overuse either breakdowns OR guitar solo's. Using both of them judiciously and sparingly make them more meaningful and give them a greater impact when they are used.

  • 7 years ago

    Usually done on the G, B and E string on the 20-21st fret? you are listening to the wrong solos them.

    Me I enjoy instrumental sections more than the vocal parts, So for me guitar solos, breakdowns, or whatever you wanna call it, I like it as long as its done the right way.

    However the reason why person say breakdown can get boring is because, when you have a band that always has the same structure for a song, and then on top of that the breakdowns or even the solos are repetitive, then yes it could get boring.

  • 7 years ago

    Breakdowns aren't a requirement but I love dynamics in my songs. I get the feeling your coming from some sort of metal context, but even in alternative/garage breakdowns can be common.

    Guitar solo's usually don't really command my attention like a good breakdown does.

  • John
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    7 years ago

    Its not necessarily the breakdown that is boring. In deathcore you get this repetitive chugging for the whole song, it gets old after a few tracks and the highlight of these tracks is a breakdown which is basically just the same old chugging but slowed down.

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