What is the name of this batman character?

I used to watch batman and the other marvel shows a lot when I was a kid. I seem to remember some stuff about this character but can't remember the name. I think i saw her in batman, the animated series.

So basically she's a girl. She had short hair and was drawn a bit like black and white. I remember she was mentally disturbed and i think the joker was controlling her, while batman was trying to save her. She had psychic powers too, i think. She had a traumatized past. To be honest I don't remember much about her at all.

I know it's not a lot but if you remember any similar character from the show please tell. Also she wasn't a series regular at all. I saw her in like one episode. Plus during the whole episode she was sitting on a chair and I remember something about her being broadcasted on TVs all over the city.

That's about it I guess. Thanks for reading and 10 points if someone gives the correct answer of course.


Sorry about the mistake between Marvel. And it's not Harley. Cause she's way more mainstream and is red and black.

2 Answers

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