Repost: Create e-commerce site: $500? $15,000? (VERY long)?

I'm trying to determine the cost of paying someone to build a website for my business, based on the description below. I need to pay someone, please don't suggest I build it myself. Thanks in advance. Website must be able to:

--> Sell products. Paypal, credit. 10 different items.

--> Run contests/sweepstakes. It must track entries made in the following ways:

1) When you make purchases, you can be automatically entered.

2) "Free" option. Requires a submission of contact info online & mailed letter.

3) "Contest codes". People login & enter "codes" for an entry. I want to be able to customize when (time/date) certain codes are valid, & customize how many entries each code is worth when used in conjunction with another code.

I need to easily access all contest entries & which method was used to enter. Along with member registration & 3-4 pages of text (FAQ page, Contest Rules, etc), that's all I need. No fancy graphics.

Optional (done only if inexpensive): social media integration, SEOs, Adsense Integration, and site searching.

I've been told this will cost as little as $150 to create plus $50/ month, & as high as $15k plus $5k/month. Most estimates are 2k-5k to create.

So, questions:

- Excluding automatic transactions % fees (like on Paypal), what will this cost to create? Please suggest a reasonable range.

- What are expected maintenance costs?

- Which e-commerce services do you recommend for this kind of customization?

BQ: What can I do to keep bookkeeping costs down with website structure?


Perhaps I don't understand what that is... what is it?

Update 2:

OH, you mean the paypal thingy? I've already factored that into the price of doing business. I HAVE included it, I've accounted for it in my business plan already, so I don't want to count it twice.

Update 3:


I really can't afford 4k =/ What could I do to reduce the cost?

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  • 6 years ago
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    2 to 5k sounds pretty reasonable. If I develop that I would charge 4.5k and then maintenance and all that

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

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  • 6 years ago

    why would you exclude auto transactions?

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