What's Your Opinion on the Stone Temple Pilots Lawsuit?

I'm wondering what your opinion is on the Stone Temple Pilots lawsuit. Personally I'm on Scott Weiland's side. I was shocked that he got fired and that the remaining members filed a lawsuit against him, especially considering that they had previously reunited with him in 2008 after a five year hiatus. I think it's unfair Scott got fired; I think that the other guys should have tried to resolve the conflicts with him and worked harder to do so. Their reunion album was amazing (their best one yet). I also saw them live with Scott a few months before he got fired and it was the best show I had ever seen; Scott was completely sober and his performance was amazing. Having been a band with Scott as their singer for 22 years (1986 - 2003 and 2008 - 2013), STP aren't the same without him. What are you thoughts, and why are so many people in support of the other side of the lawsuit (with the remaining members of STP?)

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  • 7 years ago
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    From what I've looked up, I'm on Weiland's side as well. I think it's pretty bogus that they're trying to prevent Weiland from performing anymore STP songs when he co-wrote most of them, even trying to prevent him from calling himself a former member. What kind of crap is that?! He's a founding member and has been an integral part of the band all through their career and they're trying to deny him even calling himself that?

    I agree with Weiland's countersuit that they're misleading the public by still calling themselves STP with their newer material featuring Chester Bennington on vocals. From what I've heard from their latest material with Bennington on vocals, they're a completely different band now. Not just vocally but musically, they sound more hard rock rather than the smooth alternative rock style of the STP we all know. That being said and for what it's worth, I didn't think the newer music with Bennington was terrible, it was okay in my opinion, but it just wasn't STP!

    Based on what I've read up on on the band firing Weiland from STP, I can understand their reasons for being unhappy with Weiland but like you said, I think they should've done more to resolve their issues with him rather than straight up firing him. Maybe there's more to it than that, but from a lone fan's viewpoint, I think the other members of STP are being very unreasonable with their expulsion of Weiland and are trying to kid their fans (perhaps themselves too) by still claiming to be STP with Chester Bennington.

    It's really a shame considering they just got back together with Weiland a few years ago and embarked on a successful reunion tour which was followed by them releasing, in my opinion, a pretty good comeback record. I won't be surprised if they end up not getting back together with Weiland and these lawsuits result in the band dissolving for good but we'll just see what happens...

  • 7 years ago

    From what I read, the rest of STP doesn't have a legal leg to stand on. They're being petty, trying to get a bigger slice of the pie. Since Scott was a founder, and named the band, along with writing much of their material, I don't think the case will hold up, but the countersuit might. Then again, that's what I read online, I really don't know the truth of the matter, who really does outside of the members themselves.

  • 7 years ago

    Scott has sucked *** since the early 00s, maybe it's for the best lmao.

    v - Seriously though, after reading this great answer, I am on Scott's side, Chester should just go make another nu metal band with some 18 year old high school graduates or something... lol

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