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Why do people thinks cousin marriages is ok if the risk of genetic?

disease is low.

Is this the reason why it's ok?

Don't you feel disgusted in the first place, of marrying your first cousin?

So if someone gave you data that marrying you brother or sister is ok, genetic tests confirm that your offspring will be ok, are you going to be happy and marry each other?

So people are happy to scr*w each other as long as the genetic defect doesn't happen? lol.


@Islam, please read the Q again.

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    Eeewwww I'm not married to my first cousin and I find it disgusting.

    Marrying your cousin should be illegal.

    I know that it was done a long time ago around the world...but now people understand how disgusting it is....well I hope they don't do it no more.

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    6 years ago

    Allah سبحانه و تعالى defined our standards. Your societal opinions & taboos do not. We have clarity whereas you Westerners are in confusion. How far down the line do you have to go before you decide that two people are far enough (in ancestry) to get married (by your standards)? Arbitrary? Don't know? Etc. And the fact is, all of mankind came from two people - Adam & Eve.

    "the risk of genetic disease is low. Is this the reason why it's ok?" – This is the main reason that the West gives to oppose such marriages.. (saying it is high, when your own geneticists disagree with you - see, confusion). Do you have any other reason to oppose such marriages? Didn't think so.

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    Cousin Marriages

    Though Shariah does not forbid marriage between first cousins, but there are opinions advocating against them mainly due to a probable risk of the offspring inheriting genetic defects/diseases.

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    "Disgust" only comes from the societal norms. In the past, in royal families all over the world, marrying one's cousin was completely acceptable. In ancient Egypt, the royals would marry siblings. These things became taboos long before anyone knew anything about genetics. A society will not grow if everyone in that society intermarries--that's why inter-family marriage was frowned upon.

    Many of the royal families of Europe in the late 19th and early 20th centuries carried the gene for hemophilia. That's because Queen Victoria was a carrier, and most of these royals were related to her. That's why the Tsarevich Alexei of Russia was a hemophiliac--both of his parents were related to Queen Victoria, although his father was a distant relation. His mother was her granddaughter.

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    It just shows that the person is not ready to interfere with the society, he rather marries and lives within his own 'kind'

    We should not forget that in case of cousin marriages, a serious argument between the spouses might lead to a huger issue between the the related families. Which might lead to the disintegration of the familial bonds

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    Salam Marrying cousin is okay because we know how well his ancestor and how rich his ancestor but the most important based on hadith how good his character in line with the Qur'an and hadith We must know also how well his genetic disease whether it is low or high.We must know his/her genetic defect although we love each other with non cousin but this information is difficult to be collected compared to marry a building a happy life.

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    Its cultural viewpoint....I never could being born in the u.s. too weird to me. Some cultures...its the most logical choice.

    Einstein married his cousin.

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    6 years ago

    come on.. show us some more of that closed minded.. ignorant.. not being able to understand different culture or tradition mentality of yours

    fisrt cousins rarely marry

    cousin marriages have been going on for centuries.. not just in asia or africa.. but also in europe especially with the elite and royals

    the reason it was done in europe was for family unity and keeping wealth within the family

    how many royals are deformed??

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