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Why do people thinks cousin marriages is ok if the risk of genetic?

disease is low.

Is this the reason why it's ok?

Don't you feel disgusted in the first place, of marrying your first cousin?

So if someone gave you data that marrying you brother or sister is ok, genetic tests confirm that your offspring will be ok, are you going to be happy and marry each other?

So people are happy to scr*w each other as long as the genetic defect doesn't happen? lol.

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  • boj
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    6 years ago
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    I think its gross! I would never marry or have a romantic relationship with any member of my family regardless of how distant a relative they may be. Some people think its okay just because they are attracted to the person.

  • Kate
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    6 years ago

    In a lot of cultures, second cousin marriage is considered alright. I have to admit, though, that I don't know any of my second cousins, so it's hard for me to feel really disgusted by that. A sibling is completely different in my mind because you are raised together and you've known each other since birth. Typically second cousin relationships are no where near that close. Most cultures, though not all, have taboos against first cousin marriage (ie, people don't think it's alright.)

  • 6 years ago

    Exactly who "thinks cousin marriages is ok"? Do you live in Arkansas?

    Marriage to your first cousin is illegal in pretty much every U.S. state. Muslims / middle easterners seem OK with it, but they also enjoy blowing themselves up in the name of Allah.

  • Suzy Q
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    6 years ago

    There are many countries where marrying first cousins is considered normal. In fact, it is how, in the past, kings and queens used to keep their blood "royal". For me, it grosses me out, but that's because I was raised to think that. However, I wouldn't judge someone in another culture who was brought up differently. That's none of my business.

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  • 6 years ago

    No...because a first cousin is your like...uncles or aunts grandaughter and that isn't cool. They are your blood family! Its not cool. And its never okay to marry a member of your family. Even if they are a distant distant blood related cousin. A guy on yahoo answers was asking if it would be ok to date his first cousin. And I was not. Don't do it. lol. Why would anyone fall in love with their family members?

  • 6 years ago

    It's entirely up to the individual whether or not something like this is wrong to do. In my "expert" opinion incest is disgusting, but that's just me.

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