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Anonymous asked in Society & CultureReligion & Spirituality · 7 years ago

Atheist how will the world end?

Give me evidence for what do you think ok thanks how sad .


Like what you believe will happen because you know everything has a end and so has evolution. evolution has a end to .

Update 2:

@ just to tell you if you believe that sun coming to the earth thing that's just wow .

Update 3:

@ child progeny. Umm well where is the evidence that the sun will come to the earth in billions of years in the future .

Update 4:

@ child progeny. Where has science prove this thing you say . And why is it in a billion of years what you sacred it will end buddy.

Update 5:

@ Dan. Yes and evolution will die to . YAAAAAAAA

Update 6:

Science has not proven that the world will with the sun coming to earth thing that's just fake . Jesus is coming back and people are getting dreams of his coming . The rapture is coming so get ready for this ok atheist ok.

Update 7:

@ Willbewill. Where is the evidence for that hmm ya

Update 8:

@ Shawna. And evolution is fake and God is real !!!! .

Update 9:

Acetek . ya ya it will happen like like sure it will happen . NO Jesus is coming back for his church so get a life buddy mate and just grow up its not working with your evolution or this big bang.

Update 10:

Leshawna . Oh god you really believe this . By the way science has no even prove that the world will end this way .

Update 11:

@ Lizbeth. Yes we are monkeys lol. Your just so wrong so wrong and by the way this is the truth about atheist .

Update 12:

@ Flandre Scarlet. You believe in your silly evolution so your the one that needs to grow up really . Ha there is no evidence for evolution by the way . I know you know that God is real .

Update 13:

Fitz. ok.

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  • Fitz
    Lv 7
    7 years ago
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    The sun will become a red giant and engulf the inner planets. First of all, if you want the current age of the sun (around 5 billion years) this number is determined from radioactive dating of objects in the solar system which are known to have formed around the same time as the sun, as stated in the answer to a previous question.

    The total lifetime of the sun before it becomes a red giant is around 10 billion years (meaning that the transition will occur around 5 billion years from now). This can be estimated by assuming that the sun will "die" when it runs out of energy to keep it shining. The time for this to occur is roughly the total energy the sun has that can be turned into light, divided by the rate at which the sun is giving off energy, or:

    lifetime = (energy) / (rate [energy/time] at which sun emits energy)

    The rate at which the sun emits energy (its luminosity) is around 3.8 x 1026 Watts (that's the number 38 followed by 25 zeroes - quite a lot of lightbulbs!). This number can be determined from measurements of how bright the sun appears from Earth as well as its distance from us.

    Since you're claiming there is no evidence for several things in your misinformed statements. Have a look at this, it's the evidence for all the stuff people like you deny:

    Evidence for evolution:

    DNA sequencing, Endogenous retroviruses, similarities between all lineages of DNA/RNA/amino acids & the lipid bilayer, Pseudogenes, genome & gene duplication, horizontal gene transfer, Cat endogenous retroviruses, Chromosome 2 in humans, Cytochrome c, Human endogenous retroviruses, Human mitochondrial DNA haplogroup, Human Y-chromosome DNA haplogroup, Atavisms, Evolutionary developmental biology & embryonic development, Homologous structures and divergent (adaptive) evolution, Nested hierarchies and classification, Fossil Record, Continental distribution, Island biogeography, Antibiotic & pesticide resistance, E. coli long-term evolution experiment, Lactose intolerance in humans, Nylon-eating bacteria, PCB tolerance, Peppered moth, Radiotrophic fungus, Urban wildlife. Vestigial structures in development including: Hind structures in whales, Insect mouthparts, Other arthropod appendages, Pelvic structure of dinosaurs, Pentadactyl limb, Recurrent laryngeal nerve in giraffes, Route of the vas deferens, Extrinsic ear muscles, The appendix, Goose bumps, The neck rib, The coccyx, The third eyelid remnants, Male nipples, Wisdom teeth, Observed speciation including: Oenothera gigas, Primula kewensis, Tragopogon, Raphanobrassica, Galeopsis tetrahit, Madia citrigracilis, Brassica, Adiantum pedatum, Woodsia abbeae, Stephanomeira malheurensis, Zea mays, Mimulus guttatus, Rhagoletis pomonella, Eurosta solidaginis, Tribolium castaneum.

    Evidence for common descent (some is also general evidence of evolution as well):

    Universal biochemical organization, molecular variance patterns, phylogenetic reconstruction, DNA sequencing, endogenous retroviruses, chromosomal positions of a virogene in two different species, proteomic evidence, RNA, amino acids, the lipid bilayer, some noncoding DNA, genome and gene duplication, horizontal gene transfer, endosymbiotic origins, feline endogenous retroviruses, chromosome 2 in humans, cytochrome c, human endogenous retroviruses, human mitochondrial DNA haplogroup, human Y-chromosome DNA haplogroup, atavisms, homologous structures, nested hierarchies, phylogenetic bracketing, vestigial structures including: Hind structures in whales, Insect mouthparts, Other arthropod appendages, Pelvic structure of dinosaurs, Pentadactyl limb, Recurrent laryngeal nerve in giraffes, Route of the vas deferens, Extrinsic ear muscles, The appendix, Goose bumps, The neck rib, The coccyx, The third eyelid remnants, Male nipples, and wisdom teeth. Continental distribution, biogeography, endemism, adaptive radiations, ring species … this was only half the evidence … I’m just sick of typing … maybe I’ll add the rest later.

    Evidence for an Old Earth:

    Dendrochronology, Human Y-chromosomal ancestry, Oxidizable Carbon Ratio dating, Rock varnish, Thermoluminescence dating, Coral, Fission track dating, Ice layering, Lack of DNA in fossils, Permafrost, Weathering rinds, Amino acid racemization, Baptistina asteroid family, Continental drift, Cosmogenic nuclide dating, Erosion, Geomagnetic reversals, Impact craters, Iron-manganese nodules, Length of the prehistoric day, Naica megacrystals, Nitrogen in diamonds, Petrified wood, Relativistic jets, Sedimentary varves, Stalactites, Space weathering, Distant starlight, Helioseismology, Lunar retreat, and Radioactive decay.

    Evidence for the big bang:

    Large-scale homogeneity, Hubble diagram, Abundances of light elements, Existence of the Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation, Fluctuations in the CMBR, Large-scale structure of the universe, Age of stars, Evolution of galaxies, Time dilation in supernova brightness curves, Tolman tests, Sunyaev-Zel'dovich effect, Integrated Sachs-Wolfe effect, Dark Matter, Dark Energy, Consistency

    Evidence for global warming:

    Heat-trapping nature of carbon dioxide, Ice cores, sea level rise, global temperature rise, warming oceans, shrinking ice sheets, declining Arctic sea ice, glacial retreat, extreme events, ocean acidification

    Evidence for a creator:

    None, it’s faith.

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    Hi, I'm an atheist. I won't speak on behalf of all atheists cos we're all different, but we're have nothing against your god; we just don't believe god or the devil exists and then we just carry on with normal life; it's not an everyday topic for me to be honest it's just who I am and almost everybody I know (the UK is very secular). Where do I think I am going to go when I die? Nowhere, when you die that is it. The end. You can't think, reason, respond to anything because you are no longer living. Yes it sounds a bit sad but unfortunately death is a part of life. My world ends the day I die, it can longer be my world if I can longer be a part of it. I want to be cremated when I die after I've donated all my organs to the national health service as I will no longer need them. I hope this has helped you.

  • 7 years ago

    Well your question is barely readable (I try not to make a point of being a grammar nazi, but when you're being incredibly rude, I don't try).

    The honest facts are:

    We don't KNOW. I can't predict the future. But all the evidence from our deep space observation points to the sun expanding and swallowing the earth. As an empiricist, I make rational statements based on the tangible evidence available to me. As I'm assuming you speak english as a second language, I'll put that into simpler terms - anything that has actual, real, explainable and repeatable evidence, is real! Simple, see?

    Every electron, every quark in your body was created in the big bang. Over millenia, the elements that make you up (carbon, oxygen, nitrogen - everything) were forged in the heart of a star, which exploded as a supernova, and scattered these elements across the cosmos. Explosions are essential to existence - every one of us relied on one - and we are all made of stardust. So is it not fitting, that having been made in a star, we'll be destroyed by one?

    I don't know how anyone can say the scientific method of explaining things isn't beautiful - I'd much rather be the incredible result of an infinite series of perfect coincidences than just slapped together by some haphazard God who didn't really know what he was doing when he designed me - as my body doesn't, and never has, worked right.

  • ?
    Lv 7
    7 years ago

    In about 4 billion years, our sun will start to run out of hydrogen to fuse. When it begins to run out, it will initially shrink just a bit, as its energy output lessens. Not too long after (a couple of million years or so) it starts to shrink, gravitational pressure at the core will increase enough to kick off helium fusion. When that occurs, the sun will swell up a great deal -- so much that its outer atmosphere will extend to or beyond the earth's orbit. Our little planet will be fried to a crisp. That'll be the "end of the world."

    "Science has not proven that the world will with the sun coming to earth thing that's just fake."

    Yes, it has (though the sun won't be "coming to earth," see my actual explanation above). We're watching the exact same thing occur around other sun-like stars in our galaxy that are older than our sun right now.

    It's your little magic jesus story that hasn't been "proven." In fact, there's no evidence for it of any kind.

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  • 7 years ago

    In about 500 million years, the sun output would reach a point where all our oceans would boil off, making Earth climate similar to present day Venus (which is not a very hospitable place).

    In 4 to 5 billion years, the Sun would have a core depleted of hydrogen and will start fusing helium, this will cause a swelling of the outer layers which will bloat until it engulfs Mercury, Venus and the Earth. That will then be the complete destruction of our planet.

    Evidence for this requires understanding of nuclear physics, and astronomy. I do not think you have the basic knowledge to appreciate it, so will not waste my time. Pulling you out of your crass ignorance is not our duty.

  • ?
    Lv 6
    7 years ago

    the sun will eventually call down and turn red because of the loss of heat plants won't grow and the human race will die out and eventually the sun will implode and turn into a black dwarf which in turn will destroy all our planets in our solar system,but that will be a few million years after the human race dies out,meanwhile humans will be millions of miles away looking for a planet that could systain life ok.

  • 7 years ago

    Humanity will destroy the world and ourselves. There's no God, no "second coming of Christ". That's all poppycock. I don't think we'll be around to see the end of the world, but I do believe that if we don't realize what we're doing wrong soon, it won't be much longer.

  • ?
    Lv 5
    7 years ago

    The Sun, like every other star in the universe, is finite. It will die, and we will lose our main source of energy. If global warming, war, or overused resources doesn't kill us first.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    It depends on what you mean by the world ending. The sun will eventually expand and engulf the earth as it is dying, but all life may be extinguished long before that. (Asteroids, meteors, solar flares, etc,)

  • 7 years ago

    the world will end when the sun dies. No idea when the human race will end though.

  • 7 years ago

    Well I don't know how the world will end, maybe it'll never end, maybe it will, we won't know, since whenever it does end, if it does, we'll be long gone, and resting in peace.

    Source(s): A 14 year old girl, also known as me! XD
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