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What's The Difference Between Brahma & The Buddha?

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    7 years ago
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    <--This is Shining you; Meditate & Realize

    Body is only a grave, wake up & be Alive


    Brahma : Brahma (ArchAngel) is considered as a blissful dweller of upper heaven called Brahma loka. The brahmas of brahma loka are considered much superior to devas/gods/angels of other heavens. But a Brahma is also a creature with a finite life / time span within which it remains there . After which it has to get a rebirth in any of the worlds as per its Karma (character attribute) . So Brahma is not an eternal state. But Brahmas do aspire to get a happy state or salvation/nirvana . So they always try to learn from a Buddha , if available.

    Buddha : A Buddha is the highest state which a creature can achieve. It is freedom from the seemingly endless cycle of rebirths. For creatures , generally the rebirths are supposed to occur in different worlds , bad ones go to animal, insects, demon, evil, hell etc. and good ones can get in the Brahma world, Deva world or human. The cycle goes on & on as per the character earned by the creature through its own actions & decisions. The cycle of rebirth in all states is controlled by the lord of death who only wants creatures to remain entangled in the cycle through sensory temptations of different worlds. Buddha breaks the attitude of falling into temptations of senses and makes his mind & emotions still at peace. With this he is then rewarded with enlightenment , the insight of nirvana the eternal state beyond all worlds where the lord of death has no access . This nirvana state of salvation / moksha is unique , has only one singular state like an infinite sea of light. All who achieve enlightenment experience merging into this single state. At first it appears in parts for some time while some karma attributes are still remaining , later with practice , upon elimination of all karma attributes , it becomes permanent and then then the person can be called a Buddha who will never return to rebirths after death.

    Since Buddha state is the highest , the Brahmas & other devas / angels seek after a Buddha for guidance & learning.

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    7 years ago

    Brahma is a form of a Hindu god. The Buddha aka Gautama Buddha is a buddha that lived in NE ancient India or around modern day Nepal. A buddha is a teacher that has perfected humanism and has successfully made themselves eternally happy.


    Brahma is a god in Hinduism.

    A buddha is a teacher in Buddhism.

    The Buddha was the first teacher of Buddhism.

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