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Movies on Holocaust?

Escape from Sobibor is a example of a movie I felt was very well filmed. What other older holocaust movies are really good. It seems like some of them that were older almost added a humour to movies. At least some I've tried it seemed that way. Maybe because the world was not ready to hear the full horror of it.

Also are there any forgein movies that depict the labour camps a typical Polish worker would have been sent to? My grandfather was sent to Essen work camp, sadly he died last year but the many times I tried to ask him about the war he never wanted to talk about it. I understand why it would have been horrible, and he witnessed many of our relatives die. He did manage to say that he was part of the Polish underground just before his death.

Anyways I would like to know more about the Non-jewish Polish aspect of the camps if anyone has any knowledge of them.



Ya I've seen all the newer movies including Schindlers list, am more looking for less mainstream movies that are still excellent.

Update 2:

Thanks Grill...its definately not "entertainmant" purposes for me. Which is why I am more seeking out older non-"hollywood" films. I lots most of my family on my dad's side due to work camps I want to know what they went through.

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    Schindler's List

    Diary of Anne Frank

    Life is Beautiful

    Judgement at Nuremberg

    From those I've seen, these are the best. A list of all of them on the subject:

    I understand your personal interest, but I caution you not to delve too deeply in to this subject. The Holocaust is a history of tragedy, of humans at their cruelest and most heartless. While there were moments of incredible bravery, those rare moments were not enough to save more than a few of the victims. Be aware of the effect it may have on you and don't let it drag you under.

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    Try the Counterfeiters for a strange story, based on truth.

    For a Holocaust story outside the camps try The Pianist.

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    Schindlers List

    The Devils Arithmetic

    Au Revoir les Enfants (in French but subtitled)

    The Island on Bird Street

    The Hiding Place

    Hanna's War

    The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

    The Book Thief

    The Empty Mirror

    The Odessa File

    Jakob the Liar

    Wallenberg: A Heroes Story

    La Rafle (it is French but subtitled to English)

    Life is Beautiful

    The Man in the Glass Booth

    The Diary of Ann Frank

    Europa Europa


    Judgement at Nuremberg

    The Pianist

    The Counterfeiters

    The Music Box

    You also might try




    They are all Polish but actually all deal with Jewish least for the most part.

    Those are the better ones.

    Source(s): I tutor holocaust studies
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    'Schindler's List' is a very powerful movie. Also the most famous Holocaust movie. Start there.

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    'The Pawnbroker'

    ''Conspiracy' which is about the Wannsee Conference.

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