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Android SD card music issues?

So I have an external SD card (14 GB) in my Samsung Galaxy Ace 2, where all my music is stored. Up to two days ago, everything was working fine. But then I tried to add a song and it didn't show, the problem continued and it wouldn't show any songs whatsoever. I highly doubt it was because there wasn't anymore room, because it said 13 GB free.

I looked up on the internet and it said that formatting the SD card worked for people, so I cut and copied all my music from the SD card to a folder on my computer and formatted my SD Card.

I tried to copy-paste a few songs back into my SD card after formatting it, yet it still doesn't recognize the music? I pasted 4 songs inside, yet the music player is still empty. But I go into the "My Files' app on Android and the music shows there, but just isnt appearing in music player.

(Also, I dont know if this relates to the problem, but whenever I try to add a folder and name it "DCIM" or "MUSIC" on my SD card, the window stops responding and closes. So when I open it back up, there is a new folder but its simply called "New Folder" and doesn't let me name it.)

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    As far as the last part goes, as an experiment try putting the SD card in your computer creating a folder and naming it "DCIM" or "MUSIC" and see if it sticks and if your music will save to it

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    try restoring your device it might fix your problem

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