Future of the Stone Temple Pilots?

I'm wondering if anyone can speculate what the future of the Stone Temple Pilots will be. Since Scott was fired and Chester became their singer, it seems that they're more of a side project and touring less than they did when Scott was singing for them. It's also unclear whether they'll follow the High Rise EP with a full album or songs released online individually. It appears that STP can't be as busy as before due to Chester's commitments with Linkin Park, who are releasing a new album and touring soon. During STP's reunion with Scott (from 2008 - 2013), I admired how much they toured and how much music they put out, unlike other bands which have reunited and are a lot less busy. Due to Chester being in LP, and LP's recording schedule leading to STP cancelling a tour recently, do you think that Chester will leave STP? Or will STP fire him? I think that one of the following four things will happen in the future: STP breaks up again, Chester is out of the band and someone else replaces him, Chester leaves LP to make more time for STP, things stay the same they are now, or Scott rejoins. What do you think will happen?

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago
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    Down hill slope, like Chester did with LP.

    Both are selling out fast! Well, LP has already sold out, but I fear the same for STP.

    Sad. One of the forefathers of Grunge selling out.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    When I heard STP fired Weiland, I just assumed they would dissolve. Hiring Chester and the High Rise EP took me by surprise. STP with Chester does seem a little complicated, since Linkin Park's in full swing lately. But I enjoyed their new songs and they DO plan on a full follow-up album this year (read it on Loudwire).

    I can see them doing this for atleast a few years. Beyond that, I don't know. Was hoping Scott would mend fences and rejoin Velvet Revolver but Slash made it clear he does NOT wanna work with him again.

    I kinda hope they explore this Chester era but eventually I want Scott back or nothing.

  • 7 years ago

    I hate Chester in STP. Scott Weiland is the sexiest and beautifulest singer and belongs with STP. The three boys make magic together. Chester looks and sings like a child molester. That's why they called him Chester.

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