Welcome to a swirling storm of drama! Prom turned date turned to confusion!?

OK so basically what happened was that the first girl I asked to prom was my co worker. I asked on valentines day with half a dozen roses and a rice krispie that had "prom?" written on it. Lets call this girl kate. Now Kate was in near tears when I promposed but she said she had to say no because someone else had asked her hours ago in school! She said my promposal was much better than his. Later that shift, she asked me out but I said no because I felt that she was saying that to make me feel better.

Days later I asked her out and she said yes but her tone and the way the conversation went led me to think that she was only saying yes to protect the friendship as well as the fact that we still have to see each other at work.

At this point, I began to force myself to get over her. I began to focus on the very little negative things about her and just as I began to do so, my girl friend tells me that she had bumped into Kate the other day and got into a conversation with her. Kate said she was stressed with school work as well as with the fact that two guys asked her to prom. Kate adds that she likes the second guy who asked (me?) but now she's confused given her current position.

NOW at first, I was skeptical as to how legitimate that statement was, coming from my girl friend. I thought that she was trying to make me feel better.

I didn't really believe it at first because the way Kate acts around me now is quite different from before. She no longer teases about and everything is sort of serious now. (not sure if that's a good or bad thing)

Now today at work, one of my male co workers asked if I had a date to prom yet (you could imagine I did not know where this was going Razz) he then tells me that Kate told him that she would probably not go to prom because she only likes the guy she is going with as a friend.

Now, I really like Kate, and now, I believe she does like me but I don't get why the sudden attitude change now. Today, her sunglasses got stuck in her hair and she asked some other co worker to get it out rather than me. (that statement sounded really weird) and the conversations we have now are mainly forced.

Given this, I'm not sure if it would be appropriate to ask her to prom AGAIN or if I should just move on to ask another girl to prom.

Asking her out would not be a problem. My mother has made it clear that until my senior year is over, no going out. PERIOD.

I thought of this and it could go two ways if I asked Kate.

1) Kate is surprised that I asked her again! She only could think "If only he asked me again..." BUT I DID and she goes to prom with me!

2) Kate is annoyed that I asked her again! Things become extremely awkward between the two of us. She does not go to prom with me.

Two other questions;

1) Do girls like guys who persist? I can't seem to understand the difference between being persistence and being needy and desperate. ( I'm not sure what category I fall into if I ask her to prom again!)

2) I've been told on another forum that when asking girls to prom, you should just ask and don't give them flowers/stuffed animals...is that true that I shouldn't?

Thank you very much for reading this.

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    7 years ago
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    For the first answer it depends on the girl of the girl is one that like to make people wait and you like to be played with then yes but if it's a person (like the girl I was talking about in my earlier post) is a business no pain no gain kind of girl then don't persist.

    As for the second question the girl should like you regardless prize or not, gift or not, if they go for you because of gifts then just leave it alone.

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  • 7 years ago

    First answer to your first question is that yeah girls find it very annoying if she doesnt like the guy who persists.

    Second no stuffed animals but flowers are a total yes that would be the most romantic thing ever but make sure she is worth it.

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