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Where can I get affordable coroplast?

The only place within a 1 hour radius that has it is Rona, and they want 20 or more dollars for a big board... It's a decent size but it's expensive, especially knowing that I need more than that to extend my cage further.

Where can I get some for... a decent price?

It is for my guinea pig's cage. I can't use cardboard forever, it's a temporary thing.

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    There are a variety of places to get Coroplast. These include sign and DIY stores, real estate offices, manufacturers (use it on shipping pallets) and glass companies (use it between sheets of glass). The GuineaPigCages site has a page with ideas for where to locate the Coroplast along with a search option where you locate suppliers by inputting where you live and how far you are willing to travel. (The site is International.) Links follow:

    GPC also has a Canada category on the forum where you can post/search for a recommendation. Link below:

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    4 years ago

    Coroplast Rona

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