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What is a good video card?

I'm building a gaming pc and i need a video card thats PCI-E and thats $50-$140?


Is this good enough to play games like B4, and those big games, its called the ASUS radeon HD 6450 650MHZ 2GB 1.2GHZ DDR3 CrossfireX DVI HDMI D-SUB HDCP PCI-E DX11 Videocard

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    It also comes with 2 free games which is a huge bonus. Or you can get the

    but I think that the r7 260x with 2 free games is a great deal.

    Edit: The 6450 is getting a bit outdated. In a year or two, it won't be able to play any games and it's already two generations old (which for graphics cards is like middle aged). None of these cards can max those games out, which is to be expected due to the fact that they are budget cards, but you will be able to play on medium to high settings at 1080p no problem, which for a card for 140 is really good). I recommend the r7 260x over the others because it performs better, you get 2 free games, and you will be able to crossfire it if you ever need to (add another card)

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    that GPU is crap a better choice is a R7 260X 2gb you can get one for $129-$169

    it's a really good GPU for the money you will be able to play bf4 at 1920x1080 on med-high settings smoothly what cpu are you getting? I recommend the amd athlon x 4 750k 3.4ghz quad core cpu it's a amd a10-5800k with the integrated GPU disabled its an awesome cpu for someone on a budget you get one hell of a price for preformance

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    I'd recommend Nvidia Geforce GT 640 of any brand.

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