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How do you define complexity?

What do you think it means? Does it have a vague meaning or a direct one? Even the scholars in the academia struggle to give a clear cut definition of it.

From my viewpoint, I define complexity is what the human intellect either cannot comprehend fully, or can understand easily, as say, it would for simpler things .

For example, the empire state building is much more complex than a tepee in it's design, structure and architecture, in a sense that, the human intellect naturally senses the brain that building a skyscraper like the Empire state building is much harder than building a tepee. In other words, it is much harder for our intellectually capacity to learn how to build the empire state building than a tepee. Moreover, due to the complexity of the Empire state building, it requires more effort and knowledge on the engineering in designing it for our intellect to comprehend than for constructing a tepee.

Also, no matter how knowledgeable we might be in all the kinds of fields in engineering design and architecture, we can all agree at the end of the day that we have a natural tendency to think that building a tepee is always much more easier than building the empire state building regardless of the tools and resources we use to build them. This is complexity.

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    nothing's such easy as it looks, and nothing's such complex as it's made.

  • ILTG
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    Complexity is the state of being complex. A complex system is made of a number of basic(simple) systems(elements) that relate and function in accordance with each other. Both complexity and and simplicity are relative. For instance a complex system is perceived as simple in comparison to a more complex system.

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Anything I dont easily understand.

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