Does anyone use ProAir HFA?

I haven't been officially diagnosed with having asthma as of yet (still running tests through pulmonologist) but my own doctor gave me ProAir HFA weeks ago in case I needed it. I have had shortness of breath for the past 43 days day and night and at times the ribs tighten up. I'm finding this particular brand does not work for me at all despite the fact that I'm following directions to a "T" and a nurse watching me use it, her saying I'm using it correctly. I have made sure that the small hole where the stuff dispenses has been cleaned out regularly in case of clogging. I feel the mist getting into the back of my throat no problem.

Has anyone used this and found it just didn't work?

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  • Jason
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    6 years ago
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    You mentioned something that is a big red flag that makes me suspect you are not using a spacer with your inhaler -- the fact that you feel the mist. You should NOT feel it at all. If you do, it is hitting your throat -- which is not the small airways in your lungs where it needs to be. An inhaler MUST be used with a spacer for two reasons:

    1) The mist comes out too fast to effectively inhale so without a spacer most of it just hits you in the throat. Again, the medication needs to be in the smallest airways so if most of it is impacting the upper airway, then most of it is not getting to where it needs to and thus isn't doing anything. Even if you could inhale fast enough that's not a good thing -- it should be a slow, controlled inhalation, not a fast, sharp inhalation. A spacer allows you take a slow, controlled breath without most of the medication impacting the upper airway.

    2) You'll note that the mist that comes out is wet. For the drug particles to get down into the smallest airways, we actually depend on those particles to evaporate a little bit so they get smaller. A spacer provides space for this to happen.

    When you use a spacer you get more of the medication and it gets further down into the lungs. If you can feel the mist it is NOT getting where it needs to. That makes me strongly suspect that they did not instruct you with a spacer. You can ask for one from the doctor or get one at the pharmacy. Without a spacer, the inhaler is largely useless.

    Best wishes.



    Source(s): Respiratory therapist and pulmonary function technologist (B.S., RRT, CPFT)
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