Rate my fantasy baseball team?

Do you think my fantasy baseball team has a chance in an 8-team league?

Catcher: Jonathan Lucroy

First Baseman: Albert Pujols

Second Baseman: Brandon Phillips

Third Baseman: Ryan Zimmerman

Short-Stop: J.J. Hardy

Outfielder: Andrew McCutchen

Outfielder: Adam Jones

Outfielder: Jose Bautista

Outfielder: Alex Rios

Designated Hitter: David Ortiz


Starting Pitchers:

Stephen Strausberg, Adam Wainwright, Mat Latos, Francisco Liriano, Andrew Cashner, Matt Garza


Kenley Jansen, Jason Grilli, Grant Balfour

Batting Order:

1. Alex Rios

2. Ryan Zimmerman

3. Albert Pujols

4. David Ortiz

5. Adam Jones

6. Brandon Phillips

7. J.J. Hardy

8. Jonathan Lucroy

9. Jose Bautista


Andrelton Simmons (SS)

Chase Utley (2B)

Alfonso Soriano (OF)

Kyle Seager (3B)

Am I weak at batting or pitching in particular?

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  • 6 years ago
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    I would be cautious about Pujols and David Ortiz. They are both getting older so you might want to pick up a younger 1st baseman.

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  • Pronk
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    7 years ago

    Every team has a chance this time of year;Even the real life Cubs..

    You went outfield & SP crazy early,totally neglecting your infield;Which is not smart,since the outfield & SP is so much deeper in talent than the infield.

    I think you need to pull off some 2 for 1 trades,to get 2 more pitchers;I think you need either 2 more SPs,or an SP & a closer by trimming down your offense.You have too many hitters,& not enough pitchers.

    You should do this by offering 2 hitters for 1 better hitter,then pick up the best available SP,or closer off of waivers.I'd try to upgrade your infield 1st & foremost with a trade like Zimmerman & Ortiz for Miguel Cabrera;Then pick up a pitcher to increase your Ks,Ws,and/or saves,& move aGuy off your bench to replace old man Ortiz..

    As is,you've got a pretty average team,7 out of 10..That would need career years from several players,and/or strong bounce back years from players like Pujols & Phillips (Phillips was a nice value pick.) to seriously contend/dominate;Which is highly possible.But,still,Pujols is another guy I'd be shopping in 2 for 1 deals to upgrade 1st base,and get another arm..I draft extra hitters with upside this time of year,but through 2 for 1 trades I'm always down to 0 - 2 offensive benchwarmers by the time the fantasy trade dead line comes.

    gud loock

  • 7 years ago

    In an 8 team league your team should be decent. You might have problems with pujols, Phillips, and Zimmerman either getting hurt/underperforming. Phillips won't be nearly as good as last year and Zimmerman always gets hurt. Plus who knows what pujols will do this year. Your pitching should be solid though with 3 closers and the Strasburg/wainwright anchoring your roation. Overall you just hope these players are decent with your good outfield and solid pitching

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