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What would you name these babies - a girl and boy from each category?

For each of the categories listed below, just a first and middle name for a boy and a girl! So, you should end up with 20 names in total!


Girls - Allegra, Cadence, Cappella, Carol, Harmony, Hymn, Lyra, Medley, Viola

Boys - Bene, Clef, Jack, Lyric, Quintus, Reed, Solo, Sonore, Vespers


Girls - Angelica, Eleanor, Elizabeth, Florence, Hillary, Jacqueline, Martha, Nancy, Sarah

Boys - Barack, Carter, Franklin, George, Jefferson, Kennedy, Lincoln, Theodore, William


Girls - Clementine, Delilah, Flannery, Iris, Leonora, Matilda, Pandora, Savannah, Tallulah

Boys - Atticus, Beckett, Dashiell, Holden, Orlando, Prince, Roman, Tennyson, Zane


Girls - Bree (Desperate Housewives), Carrie (Sex & the City), Elaine (Seinfeld), Gabrielle (Desperate Housewives), Grace (Will & Grace), Monica (Friends), Peyton (One Tree Hill), Phoebe (Friends), Temperence (Bones)

Boys - Boone (Lost), Chandler (Friends), Dixon (90210), Joey (Friends), Logan (Gilmore Girls), Maxwell (Get Smart), Raymond (Everybody Loves Raymond), Sawyer (Lost), Stanford (Sex & the City)


Girls - Adelaide, Alice, Aurora, Esmeralda, Jasmine, Megara, Olivia, Tiana, Wendy

Boys - Bernard, Eric, Flynn, Henry, Maximus, Oliver, Phillip, Sebastian, Wilbur


Girls - Anise, Blanche, Clove, Julienne, Madeleine, Reese, Sage, Shirley, Virginia

Boys - Barley, Benedict, Cane, Colby, Devon, Graham, Kale, Monte, Reuben


Girls - Amber, Charde, Golden, Laurel, Mauve, Raven, Scarlet, Sienna, Sparrow

Boys - Ash, Auburn, Blaze, Birch, Forrest, Hawke, Hunter, Leif, Rusty


Girls - Breeze, Juno, Meadow, Oceana, Rae, Seana, Sky, Sunny, Summer

Boys - Camp, Dune, Kai, Laker, Ray, River, Sonny, Storm, Tanner


Girls - April, Blossom, Daisy, Flora, Lily, May, Nectaria, Robin, Tulip

Boys - Branch, Brook, Byrd, Dewey, Greene, Leif, Rainn, River, Springer


Girls - Abigail, Chloe, Esther, Hannah, Jezebel, Leah, Mary, Rachel, Tabitha

Boys - Adam, Elijah, Gideon, Isaac, Jacob, Matthew, Peter, Samson, Zacharias

xx SupernaturalSweetHeart xx


Oh, and here are mine!

- Allegra Harmony "Allie" & Reed Vespers

- Eleanor Jacqueline "Ellie" & Theodore Kennedy "Theo"

- Savannah Leonora & Roman Beckett

- Peyton Temperence & Logan Sawyer

- Wendy Aurora & Flynn Oliver

- Madeleine Clove "Maddi" & Kale Barley

- Scarlet Amber "Scar" & Blaze Hunter

- Sky Oceana & Dune Tanner

- Nectaria May "Aria" & River Greene

- Abigail Chloe "Abbey" & Zacharias Isaac "Zach"

20 Answers

  • asdf
    Lv 5
    7 years ago
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    • Cadence Viola "Cadie" & Bene Jack "Ben" {Cadie & Ben}

    • Elizabeth Florence "Beth" & William George "Liam" {Beth & Liam}

    • Delilah Iris "Lily" & Beckett Zane {Lily & Beckett}

    • Peyton Grace & Logan Joey {Peyton & Logan}

    • Aurora Jasmine "Rory" & Henry Flynn {Rory & Henry}

    • Madeleine Reese "Maddie" & Reuben Kale "Ben" {Maddie & Ben}

    • Sienna Laurel & Hunter Blaze {Sienna & Hunter}

    • Summer Rae & Tanner Kai {Summer & Tanner}

    • Daisy Robin & River Brook {Daisy & River}

    • Esther Abigail & Isaac Matthew "Zac" {Esther & Zac}

  • Sianna
    Lv 5
    7 years ago

    Lyra Harmony & Quintus Reed

    Hillary Elizabeth & William Theodore

    Tallulah Clementine & Dashiell Atticus

    Chandler Boone & Grace Elaine

    Wendy Aurora & Henry Sebastian

    Madeleine Clove & Benedict Graham

    Scarlet Mauve & Forrest Ash

    Summer Meadow & Kai Dune

    Daisy Tulip & River Leif

    Tabitha Mary & Gideon Isaac

  • - Allegra Carol & Reed Quintus

    - Eleanor Florence & Theodore Lincoln

    - Delilah Clementine & Atticus Zane

    - Monica Elaine & Sawyer Maxwell

    - Jasmine Aurora & Sebastian Eric

    - Madeleine Blanche & Reuben Kale

    - Laurel Amber & Ash Forrest

    - Juno Sky & Tanner Kai

    - Lily May & Dewey Brook

    - Rachel Esther & Matthew Isaac

  • 7 years ago

    Allegra Harmony

    Jack Quintus

    Elizabeth Hillary

    Lincoln Kennedy

    Leonora Clementine

    Beckett Holden

    Monica Peyton

    Sawyer Boone (LOST fanatic)

    Megara Wendy

    Henry Oliver

    Clove Madeleine

    Benedict Colby

    Scarlet Laurel

    Hunter Forrest

    Summer Juno

    Tanner Kai

    April Lily

    Brook Leif

    Abigail Esther

    Peter Jacob

    (Allegra, Jack, Elizabeth, Linc, Nora, Beck, Monica, Sawyer, Meg, Hank, Clove, Ben, Scarlet, Hunter, Summer, Tanner, April, Brook, Abby, Peter)

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  • 7 years ago

    - Viola Harmony & Jack Reed (naw, I wanted to use Melody)

    - Nancy Elizabeth & Theodore Lincoln 'Theo'

    - Matilda Clementine & Atticus Dashiell

    - Phoebe Temperance & Joey Sawyer 'Joe'

    - Olivia Jasmine & Oliver Henry

    - Virginia Madeleine 'Ginger' & Kale Benedict (naw, what about Sage and Reese for boys?)

    - Scarlet Raven & Hunter Blaze

    - Summer Juno & River Storm

    - Lily April & River Dewey

    - Tabitha Mary & Matthew Jacob 'Matt'

  • ?
    Lv 5
    7 years ago

    Lyra Harmony & Sonore Reed

    Angelica Elizabeth & William Lincoln

    Pandora Clementine & Roman Zane

    Elaine Gabrielle & Raymond Logan

    Esmeralda Adelaide & Oliver Flynn

    Madeleine Blanche & Benedict Cane

    Amber Sienna & Leif Auburn

    Juno Summer & River Branch

    Esther Leah & Matthew Adam

    I really enjoyed this. So many different names. It also reminded me how many American Shows I have watched even though I'm not from the US. So many good memories.


  • Kat
    Lv 7
    7 years ago

    Lyra Harmony and Quintus Lyric. Lyra and Quin

    Sarah Elizabeth and Lincoln George. Sarah and Linc

    Delilah Iris and Holden Zane. Delilah and Holden

    Carrie Grace and Maxwell Logan. Carrie and Max

    Wendy Esmeralda and Sebastian Flynn. Wendy and Sebastian

    Virginia Sage and Benedict Devon. Ginny and Ben

    Scarlet Laurel and Forrest Hunter. Scarlet and Forrest

    Juno Sky and Tanner Ray. Juno and Tanner

    April Lily and Dewey Springer. April and Dew

    Chloe Abigail and Elijah Matthew. Chloe and Eli

    Source(s): That was fun!!!
  • 7 years ago

    Carol Harmony and Jack Vespers

    Sarah Hillary and George Kennedy

    Delilah Iris and Roman Orlando

    Peyton (hey that's my name :p and I love Peyton Sawyer!) Grace and Joey Sawyer

    Jasmine Olivia and Henry Oliver

    Shirley Reese and Devon Cane

    Scarlett-Amber and Ash Hunter

    Juno Sky and Kai Storm

    Lily may and Dewey Greene

    Abigail Rachel and Jacob Adam

  • 7 years ago

    Viola Cadence

    Jack Reed

    Eleanor Florence

    Theodore Lincoln (I actually really like this!)

    Matilda Iris

    Roman Atticus

    Gabrielle Grace

    Maxwell Logan

    Adelaide Olivia

    Oliver Flynn

    Julienne Sage

    Reuben Kale

    Scarlet Laurel

    Hunter Ash

    Sky Juno

    Kai Tanner

    Lily April

    Springer Brook

    Hannah Abigail

    Adam Matthew


  • 7 years ago

    — Cadence *Cady* Medley & Jack Lyric

    — Angelica Nancy *Angel* & Lincoln *Linc* George

    — Delilah *Lila* Savannah & Roman Zane

    — Grace Phoebe & Joey Maxwell

    — Jasmine *Jas* Adelaide & Oliver *Ollie* Flynn

    — Madeleine *Maddie* Reese & Colby Reuben

    — Sienna Scarlet & Hunter Blaze

    — Meadow Sky & Sonny Kai

    — Daisy May & River Brook

    — Rachel *Rach* Chloe & Isaac *Zac* Matthew


  • Snid
    Lv 7
    7 years ago

    Allegra Medley (although Melody would be better)

    Jack Sonore

    Elizabeth Hillary

    Theodore William

    Iris Leonora

    Beckett Holden

    Phoebe Elaine

    Logan Maxwell

    Aurora Olivia

    Flynn Sebastian

    Julienne Reese

    Graham Colby

    Source(s): Laurel Sienna Leif Hunter Juno Rae Tanner Dune Lily Robin Brook Greene Leah Rachel Adam Gideon
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