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A river at the bottom of the ocean?

How is this even possible?

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  • Gary H
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    6 years ago
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    Yes. In fact, something similar has been documented by science.

    In the aftermath of the Deep Water Horizon oil spill, scientists did a whole lot of surveying of bottom of the Gulf of Mexico. Among the things they observed... They found a "lake" of highly saline water on the bottom. The water was so salty and so dense that it formed a visible boundary with the "normal" Gulf water. The could see waves pass along the surface of this "lake". This salty water was coming out of the bottom so, logically, this could produce a "river" running across the bottom of the ocean.

    And, as Colton points out, there are many well defined currents running thru the oceans, volumes of water that are different salinity and different temperature and have a distinct flow that is different.

  • Sum
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    6 years ago

    Yes - neat idea, isn't it? As a sailor I saw rivers running in the ocean - at the surface. Often this was a river which ran into the ocean. But even when we were standing out quite far, the river was still running - the ocean around it would be still.

    This is undoubtedly just the difference in salinity. The water doesn't mix all that quickly.

  • 6 years ago

    The Global Ocean Conveyor Belt exists because it is a different density and temperature than the water around it. The water is extremely cold and dense a the North Atlantic, and sinks, creating a river that circles the globe. It is continually fed by cold water.

  • John
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    6 years ago

    When there be a sweet water mix in the ocean water ,they have differential in weight and germ ,which will be appear as two different water ,one flue in other .The best place you can find one it's in delta section of the rivers in to the ocean .

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  • cosmo
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    6 years ago

    Ocean water does not mix much from the top to the bottom.

    Ocean currents tend to be either in the top layer of the ocean, or the bottom. The ones on the bottom flow through undersea valleys.

  • 6 years ago

    No idea what you mean but I can give this hypothetical a try um I guess underwater currents can make a solid line or river straight through a area resembling a river

  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    This could be caused by difference in salinity and/or temperature. As a diver I have seen this effect many times.

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