All-Day Dizziness, Headache...?

I've realized I'm dealing with some strange symptoms of who-knows-what lately.

I've noticed that everything smells really strong lately, and I'm very easily frustrated to the point of crying. On top of that, I get really bad headaches (including migraines), everything's really bright, and as of today, I've been dizzy and mildly nauseated all day. Everything blurs out if I move my eyes, and there's an odd "coiling" (I guess "turning/twisting" could be a synonym) sensation in my abdomen.

Age: 17

Dehydrated?: No - I drink enough water everyday

Note: I'm a transguy, but pre-T, so I experience everything a cis-woman would, if that... says anything/helps?


Also, I have aches like everywhere (knees, entire back, etc) and am very hungry (when I'm usually never hungry) but all food makes me feel sick.

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    When you haven't eaten enough, it results in nausea, headaches, weakness, dizziness, sore muscles, stiff joints and mood swings. The headaches lead to blurred vision and the sensitivity to light, sound and smells. The twisting in your abdomen is caused by the muscles in your stomach and intestines knotting and rolling (peristalsis), which is normal but isn't noticed when food is present in the digestive tract. Some people feel hungry but too nauseated to eat. As a result, many people eat less and end up starving themselves further and making the symptoms worse. It's a vicious loop that only gets progressively worse unless someone is able to slowly build up how much they eat until they get back to a normal diet. If it's bad enough (it takes a long time to get to this point) some people seek medical help to get them started eating again.

    Make sure you're getting something to eat even if you're feeling sick. Choose something bland and easy on the stomach like oatmeal, toast or plain pasta. Since you probably won't be able to eat a full meal, eat small amounts every hour or two so you can get something down without further upsetting your stomach. Avoid foods that are rough on the stomach like citrus, peppers, onions, garlic, tomatoes, dairy, greasy food, lots of sugar, peppermint, spearmint, cinnamon and chocolate. Absolutely no caffeine or alcohol.

    If you puke after eating no matter what you try, there is one sure method of getting some calories down. This will sound gross, but it works. I discovered this trick a few years ago when I had the flu. Eat some plain DRY oatmeal. Eat one or two bites and then stop for a few minutes to let your stomach settle down, then eat another few bites, repeating that cycle until you've eaten a minimum of a half cup of dry oatmeal. Feel free to eat a lot more if your stomach lets you. Quick rolled oats are easier to chew than regular oatmeal. When it gets to your stomach it will expand and absorb the acid, thus reducing the pain, nausea and cramping in your gut. Even if it does come back up, it's smooth, has no flavor and it won't burn because the acid is contained. It's not a nutritionally balanced solution, but it will provide the calories and energy you need to jumpstart your body and get it back to proper digestion. Keep a glass of water nearby when doing this because your mouth is going to dry out very quickly.

    If you haven't been eating for awhile, you probably have a few vitamin deficiencies. You're definitely anemic at this point, which causes headaches, dizziness, sore muscles, sore joints, lack of energy and hunger. Anemia is a lack of iron. Pernicious anemia is a lack of vitamin B12, which the body needs to absorb iron and to form hemoglobin (among dozens of other things). Sore joints and muscles can be caused by deficiencies in B, C, D, potassium, iron or calcium, so it's a little difficult to pinpoint which one is the problem. You might not want to start taking vitamins until you feel a little bit better because they're somewhat rough on an empty stomach. If you'd like to do it anyways, break it into pieces and eat part of it after each snack or mini-meal.

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    Sounds like you maybe pregnant! Good luck! I would go ahead and take a pregnancy test.

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