How can I be more informed?

How can I be more informed and have more general knowledge?

I see people my age, teenagers having an opinion on Obama,Bush, Clinton and politics,war or an insight on certain topics,science.

I have no interest in politics, but I think I should know the basic situation, sometimes I find it hard to comprehend.

I can offer my insight on certain things,things I can understand and I think I have a decent amount of general knowledge but compared to others I don't know as much.

I look up almost every word I pass by when I read, especially online, which has increased my volcabulary significantly over the past year.

I try to self-educate every day, I learn a little every day, but I don't want to overwhelm myself.

Any tips?

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  • 6 years ago
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    Read a national broadsheet newspaper every day (that's one that is respected with opinions and editorial). You can do so for free online. When a story interests you, Google it for more information.

    One thing I loved to do when I was younger was browse the Encyclopedia Britannica. You can still find these weighty volumes in the Library. Just choose one subject a day and read that article (takes 2 mins), and it's fascinating where it may lead you - for example, just by reading the articles around the one you chose.

    No one does this much any more, it's all online, but it's a great way to gain knowledge on stuff other people don't generally know, which makes you look really smart.

    But you have to trust the source, so choose a really good Encyclopedia.

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