Is it faster to install Windows OS by SSD than HDD, memory stick ?

I want data storage device that install OS, windows very fast. It takes very long time to install OS.

I thought SDD is good.

SDD consume less electricity than HDD.

Faster to transfer files, which could mean it can be faster to install OS than HDD and memory stick. But the difference is just few seconds, then it's not good.

I don't care about

speed of boot-up time, not much difference.

weight, good, but I won't carry around with it.

speed to transfer files. I don't have any heavy, large files.

I don't need large memory capacity, only few.

But I thought memory stick is better than SSD, they are much cheaper. but price is not that huge difference. Only problem is, SSD have faster speed to transfer data, maybe they are faster to install OS.

With memory stick, it can use as OS.

With SSD, it can use as both OS, and external drive.

SSD can transfer file faster than memory stick.

Should I get SSD or memory stick.

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  • 6 years ago
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    Memory sticks are VERY slow and do not have too long life.

    There is not room for comparing a memory stick with HDD or SSD.

    Usually memory sticks are advertised as having high transfer rates reaching 60-100mb/s, but that is just for BURST copy - single file. If you try to copy many small files you will have to wait for hours. You can check for IOPS - Input and Output Operations Per Second.

    SSD is usually about 30 times faster than HDD. And comparing it to a memory stick is just out of the question.

    About Windows - you install it once so it does not matter if it will take 5 minutes or 10 minutes. The biggest benefit is that your computer will run MUCH FASTER. Note that the slowest part in the computer is the storage and most of the lost time (the time you need to wait) is due to file operations - read/write.

    When using a slower storage programs load slower as they need to read their data, antivirus applications scan slower, searching for files is slower, browsing a large folder is slower - overall everything is slower.

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  • 6 years ago

    Yes, windows will naturally install faster on an SSD. Windows will also open programs faster, and load games quicker on an SSD. Not to mention Windows booting faster -- in under 15 seconds. SSDs have extremely fast read, write, and access times. The performance difference between SSDs and mechanical HDDs, is night and day.

    Memory sticks? Memory sticks are generally slow -- slower than mechanical drives. There are NO memory sticks that can achieve the performance level of an SSD, period. SSDs are as fast as it gets.

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