do you agree most of the real world exes needs smacked?

ariell is cool i wouldnt wish that on her

her gf ashley is cool

jays cool but he mistreats his girl and ill steal her from em but he dont need beat up

jenna i would smash jenna i didnt think they built girls like that seriouly no lip at all couldnt be better

and lauren aint do nuthin that offends me

bryans alot like me hes a real n word

jamie needa keep her moth shut she aint the cheat police she deserves to get punched in the face by jay and ashley shes got a bad attitude she sees her bf get hit ad thinks its good because he was being a bytch to him earlier and wanted revenge she aint wana fight that girl intill she heard her name

jenny much like jamie needs to play her place she seems to think its cool when guys get hit by girls she said to the one bytch i can sense alot a pain, bytch are you a gfortune teller and yea that kick wasnt good id like to show her a real kick to her dome peice , fake back belt

haily puts hands on ppl knowing she aint gettin them back

thomas and cory seem to think there tough i thought i was funny as hell when brians like that hurts me cause thats something id say but then they tryed to turn up on em and ill hop in for brian and hurt them dudes

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago
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    No. Please put yourself in their shoes and walk in them before you judge.

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