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Fabric Stores?

I want to make a skirt and I need fabric not to pricey, I live in Toronto pleaseeeeee helppp me I have been looking for a fabric place that is not too pricey near me and I'm not finding anything thank you for your help!!

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    walmart does NOT sell fabric in canada (trust me ive tried)

    as a fellow torontonion i can reccomend lens mill. it is relitivley new to toronto and the store in port dover is the best but the store in toronto is on orphis road near yorkdale. it sells decent priced fabric. you could also go to fabricland. ive never buun but its supposidly good. michals may sell fabric but call before you go. if you want cotton t-shirt material i reccomend buyind a walmart mens 5xl t-shirt in the colour you want then cut it up as cotton fabric on bolts can get expensive

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