Your opinion on Sword Art Online?

I personally am not a big fan of it. I mean, the first two episodes were amazing! I loved them but later just...argh. It did not meet my expectations. The relationship between Kirito and Asuna was too rushed in my opinion...actually, a lot of things were rushed. I found Yui to be quite annoying in the beginning as well..

I don't hate the anime...I just dislike it.

Well, that was my opinion. What's yours?

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  • 7 years ago
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    Sword Art Online is one of the worst animes I have ever seen.

    Here are my reasons:

    1) Terrible pacing. In one episode, a month has past. In about three more, two years have passed. The pacing is al over the place. The problem with the pacing is that it skips over important plot and character development.

    2) Kirito is an overpowered gary stu. A gary stu is a literary term for a character who is perfect. Kirito is overpowered, has special gear that no one else has, he gets all of the girls, everyone that does not like him is evil, his fights are one-sided, and he has moral infallibility. The problem with gary stus is that they make conflicts anti-climatic because you know that they are going to win and they will win in one sided matches. At least in Naruto, Bleach, or One Piece, the main character will usually be injured in some of their major battles.

    3) Cheesy romance. The romance in SAO was terrible. The romance was horribly rushed and idealized. In one episode, they kissed, has intercourse, and then got married. The biggest farce was them getting married, despite being 16 and 17 years old. They talk about how much they love each other, yet they don't even know their ages or their real names until after they were married, and we are supposed to believe this romance will last?! After ALO, the romance turned into a love triangle, revolving around a 16 year old gamer (Kirito), a comatose girl (Asuna), and his cousin (Suguha).

    4) Terrible villains. The antagonists that had no sublety and were cliched; the biggest examples of this would be Kuradeel and Sugou. SAO's villain, Kayaba Ahkihiko said that he forgot the reason why he built SAO and killed thousands of people in the process. If you are going to write a villain, you better give him a good reason why he would do all the things he has done. So Kayaba is a poorly written villain, but he has the complexity of Johan Liebert compared to ALO’s villain, Sugou. Sugou is the kind of person that you find in a hentai, a rapist who is evil for no reason, only to make Kirito look like a better person. A middle aged man who wants to rape an underaged girl yet he screams like an under aged girl.

    5) Not letting other characters have their moments. Klein and Aigil, the only decent male characters that weren;t wimps or villains were given little screen. It always has to be Kirito to defeat the monsters or solve all of the riddles and not letting other characters do something.

    6) Bad animation. While the backgrounds look nice, when the story has to be animated, character expressions look distorted (Kirito vs Eugene is a good example of this) and action scenes look like gifs of moving light.

    7) I am of Yuki Kaijura's soundtrack, but her soundtrack in SAO is lackluster. The only notable song is the coffee-soda song, which is played in almost every action scene.

    8) The character consistency is bad. At one moment, Kirito will go Guts from Berserk and attack whatever he sees and then the next moment, he will act friendly for no apparent reason. Kirito is claimed to be an antisocial loner, but he has no problem talking to others and adding girls into his harem as if they were pokemon. Asuna was a calm and independent girl, who later becomes a tsundere and then becomes a damsel in distress. In fact, all the female character cannot do anything without their boyfriend Kirito.

    9) The fanboys are almost as bad as the HST fanboys. They have no substance to back up their claims on why SAO is "good". Analyzing the anime objectively will result with the fanboy being raged and then try to flame you or thumb down your answer.

  • 7 years ago

    I can agree. I watched the first to episodes and it was ok. I decided to continue on

    but my god never again. Slowly it just became a romance storyline between Asuna and Kirito.

    It was every rushed and didn't have enough time to fully develop. Im going to have to say they did rush the romance but didn't leave enough time for us to really see the full potential of the show. Yui was quite annoying but I ended up getting used to it. It seemed like Kirito was a bit OP at some times, such as " Oh you got stabbed by one of the main villains, Yeah sorry but no can do he has to live ". Or when " Fairy Blonde " slabbed him and made on of the most ridiculous noise ever (Still laughed by but off). And sometimes I thought the logic in the show was a bit ridonculus ( I don't care if its not a word, I'm using it. ).

    Like when Kirigaya was outside she word short ( EVEN THOUGH ITS LIKE WINTER ). Then when she got inside she was filled dressed... just, stop SAO, stop.

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  • 7 years ago

    Really did like it. And everyone goes on about Kirito being this horrible character. Thing is that is actually how I know a lot of people will play their games. The only bad thing was the second season but not for the bad story. I enjoyed the story but was sad they didn't include one of the bigger parts of the Light novel. The thing that killed the second for me and lots of others was the Cousin romance that they kept trying to shove down my throat, that and I hated how it immediately became a huge ecchi.

    But there are animes you need to just look past faults and love. We're not all critics.

  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    Personally I did not like SAO one bit. A lot of things were rushed ,(there were WAAAAAAY too many time lapses) there wasn't really a developing plot (every episode was a different story) and the second half... OH DEAR GOD THE SECOND HALF. The first half was relatively enjoyable. It was a nice anime and I was really getting into it. But then the second half came along (ALO) and the entire genre shifted and it became a really weird romance. Weird as in one part the lead girl pretty much got raped by tentacles. Yeah. But I haven't started the second one and I hope it's better!

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  • 7 years ago

    Personally, I love SAO. On the surface it seems to be a generic fighting anime with a Gary Stu main character and little character or story development but that is not true at all, it's just subtle or hidden under many other layers of the story.

    I'll admit it took a while to see it, but once you do see it then it actually becomes more and more obvious how well made SAo actually is in regards to it's characters and it's story.

    Though, I do agree that it could have been less rushed, and that the anime episodes could have been less time-jumpy in regards to the actual timeline of the story.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    I loved it, but like you, I felt it was too rushed and could've been longer, but unlike you, I enjoyed the show and I like Yui, and unlike most SAO fans, I actually enjoyed the second half as much as the first half

    @El Yau Wan, is there really a reason to like something you enjoyed? There are tons of anime that I loved without any reasons to back up why I loved them, so while a critic may say something's bad, it's the viewer who decides whether or not they liked it

  • Legion
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    7 years ago

    I loved it, but I thought the skipping of the majority of the floors killed it, they could of brought it out more, but if they did that it would not follow the light novels, so im guessing thats why they didnt drag it out.

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