What to include in a commercial to promote a city?

I have a project in school where we have to come up with a TV commercial proposal that promotes the city and convinces the IOC to let us hold the olympic games.

What would you include (in general)?

What would you specifically include for Toronto?

How would it differ if you were to say, make one for Salt Lake City, USA? Sydney, AUS?

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  • Hugo90
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    6 years ago
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    They are most interested in whether your city has or will have the venues for the different events. You need to describe and show places where different events can be held.

    They want to know where people will stay when they are visiting. Athletes often stay in places like university dormitories. Hotels will be much in demand for spectators.

    Transportation to your city and around the city to the different events is very important. Are their trains that serve different neighborhoods, buses, ferry boats, highways?

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