Could it be that most mental states are affected by diet, environment and toxins?

" A study just published in the Journal of the American Medical Association by researchers from the University of California, Davis called “Mitochondrial Dysfunction in Autism”(i) discovered a profound and serious biological underpinning of autism—an acquired loss of the ability to produce energy in the cells, damage to mitochondria (the energy factories in your cells), and an increase in oxidative stress (the same chemical reaction that causes cars to rust, apples to turn brown, fat to become rancid, and skin to wrinkle). These disturbances in energy metabolism were NOT DUE TO genetic mutations, which is often seen in mitochondrial problems, but a condition the children studied acquired in utero or after birth.

Bottom line, if brain cells cannot produce enough energy, and there is too much oxidative stress, then neurons don’t fire, connections aren’t made and the lights don’t go on for these children. In fact, this problem of energy loss is found in most chronic disease and aging—from diabetes to heart disease to dementia. Brain function and neurodevelopment in particular are highly dependent on energy.

Interestingly, these abnormalities were not found in neurons on a brain biopsy but from examining white blood cells called lymphocytes. This means the energy deficit was a SYSTEMIC PROBLEM — not one residing solely in the brain.

This study forces the question: How do children acquire energy deficits that affect their whole system, not just the brain?

The causes of mitochondrial dysfunction are well known, specifically as it relates to metabolism and the brain. They include environmental toxins(iv)—mercury, lead and persistent organic pollutants(v)—latent infections, gluten and allergens (which trigger inflammation) sugar and processed foods,(vi) a nutrient-depleted diet,(vii) and nutritional deficiencies.(viii) These are all potentially treatable and reversible causes of mitochondrial dysfunction that have been clearly documented.

I found all these problems in Jackson, and over a period of 2 years we slowly unraveled and treated the underlying causes of his energy loss which included gut inflammation, mercury, and nutrient deficiencies. Over time, the tests for his mitochondrial function and oxidative stress (as well as levels of inflammation and nutrient status) all normalized. When they became normal, so did Jackson. He went from full-blown regressive autism to a normal, bright beautiful 6-year-old boy."

So then autism spectrum disorders are due to generations of abuse by sugar, processed foods and heavy metal poisoning? Could that also be the cause of most of other mental, personality and other health abnormalities?

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    Current conventional thought is that we seldom, if ever, suffer from nutritional deficiencies. The ones most documented are extreme nutritional deficiencies that end in some disease. This is stating that the Creator, or creation, did not know what it was doing. We do not need nutrients for the billions of cells to run, and real food that supports the life, growth, and health of our cells and our bodies. On the other hand, we are born with drug deficiencies. The body needs small amounts of toxic drugs, and vaccines filled with mercury and other toxins to function. Doctors have become the gods. We don't have to take care of our bodies, we just need Affordable Care Insurance and if we get sick we go to the doctor, take expensive drugs of which side effects and interactions kill millions worldwide, and if the doctor can't "fix" it we just live with the disease, take drugs for the symptoms, or die. We also have less money for good food after paying for all this, if any food at all!

    This is from the beginning chapter of a favorite book Let's Eat Right to Keep Fit by Adelle Davis:

    `Nutrition is a personal matter, as personal as your diary or income tax report. Your nutrition can determine how you look, act, and feel; whether you are grouchy or cheerful, homely or beautiful, physically and mentally young or old, whether you think clearly or are confused, enjoy your work or make it a drudgery, increase your earning power or stay in an economic rut. The foods you eat can make the difference between your day ending with freshness which lets you enjoy a delightful evening or with exhaustion which forces you to bed with the chickens. Your nutrition can to a degree give you a coddled-egg personality or make you a human dynamo. In short, it can determine your zest for life, the good you put into it, and the fulfillment you get from it.

    She explains that any substance is food that can support the life, health and growth of your body and is completely free of toxins. It amazes me that children even grow up to be adults these days, being fed fake milk and not even their own mothers milk, some not even for the first three days after birth when your body makes up for nutrients that do not pass through the umbilical cord well, and then are fed junk food.

    To me it is a spiritual issue, although one person has said this is in the wrong category. It is all about if you believe in the wisdom of God/nature and want to live in harmony with that, enjoying life and being healthy, or if you want to support the drug cartels and the primitive ways that people today think about life.

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    Thanks for your valuable information ,so live with good food and healthy environment then our mental health would be normal.

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    I wouldn't say most... but more than what we think.

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    Wrong place for your post, guy. :)

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