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am i following the right diet? apple cider and fruits and veges only (ques. for any fitness/health professionals here! no novices please)?


I want to get super healthy, have a sexy body, and live a long life, but i am not sure if my diet is giving me enough nutrients (i have been on this diet since last 4 days). i am on a strict Vegan/Jain diet (no meat, dairy, or onion/garlic) Here's my diet:

I drink this first thing in the morning: 1 lemon, 2 tbsp of organic apple cider vinegar with mother, 1 tbsp of chia seeds, 1 tsp of honey, in 13oz warm tap water

I eat fruits for breakfast with almond milk.

Vegetables and almond milk for lunch and dinner. (all types of vegetables, steamed)

(Green tea 0.5L and fruits as snacks in between meals, but i make sure i don't have the tea or snacks right before a meal...i try to have a 30-40 min. gap)

is my diet healthy enough for my survival? i do cardio for an hour and weights for 30 mins everyday and try to drink 1L of plain water while exercising.

my liquid intake = 1.5L water + 1L green tea every day

is my lifestyle healthy or an i overdoing it?

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    Even being on a strict vegan/Jain diet doesn't mean you have to have a diet that isn't well-rounded. If you are doing this for purely health reasons (no moral/religious reasons) I would want to know why you jumped to such a in, on what scientific grounds are you doing this diet? If this is for moral/religious reasons then there's not much to say about it.

    The thing I notice lacking from your diet is protein. You get in your almond milk but that's markedly low in protein. You'll want to take in something higher, such as hemp milk or soy milk, and in addition to that you should be eating more protein in the form of nuts, seeds, legumes and these have all your essential amino acids: buckwheat, amaranth, soy, avocado, hemp seeds, quinoa. None of these are root vegetables (which are not allowed in the Jain diet), so you should be good there. Obviously, they are all vegan-friendly.

    Speaking of vegan, you're not on a vegan diet if you're eating honey. Honey is an animal by-product and if you're a Jain for nonviolence reasons you should know that harvesting honey tends to kill bees. This doesn't fit in with your diet in any way. Swap this out for agave syurp.

    I would recommend that you have a post-workout meal of sorts. If you do weight training, follow this up with a protein-rich post-workout, such as a vegan-friendly protein shake (there are many, the cheapest I've seen is Protein Isolate by Ultimate Nutrition, which is made from wheat protein isolate and tastes great, super cheap as well) or a sandwich made with whole grain bread (find bread made with amaranth if you can) and top that with 1-2 tablespoons of natural peanut butter. You can also eat hummus with whole grain bread/crackers and some raw veggies. If you do more cardio, a smoothie made with fruits, veg, and non-dairy milk and/or vegan-friendly protein powder will really help you out. You can also try some sliced fruit with natural peanut butter (sweeten with agave syrup and add in cinnamon to help regulate blood sugar and add flavor). There are other options, but these should be the cheapest and easiest to find.

    For your lunch and dinner, try throwing in a cup of cooked beans to your steamed veg. This will significantly help with your protein and iron.

    Speaking of iron, you're going to be lacking that in addition to B12. Vegan B12 can be obtained in nutritional yeast or Vegemite/Marmite, or by not washing your vegetables (not advised if you buy your veg from the store) since B12 is a bacteria that is often found in the soil due to feces. Yes, you read that correctly. It's that or animal products. Here are some blog articles I wrote on protein, calcium and iron in a vegan diet:




    And here's something I wrote on "nutrient cramming" (adding more nutrition to a meal):

    Source(s): I'm a personal trainer and was a vegan for three years. I work for free so if you want to ask follow-up questions:
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