He doesn't want to have unprotected sex with me.....................?

I sent my long distance bf a message on fb and ask him if we can can go bare the next time he visits.I also told him that I have my recent test papers and I am on birth control. we have seen each other for few years and had never have sex without a condom so I am dying for it.He didn't respond to my message and it shows that he read it.Is that NO?I am hurt that he didn't respond to my request since he told me that he went bareback with his ex but she was virgin when they met.I just feel like he doesn't trust me and I am thinking to tell him not to bother to come visit me if he cant trust me.A condom forever would be a deal breaker to me.I dont care what you say but sex with a condom is just not the same.I dont even want to do it anymore if he is going to wrap his junk forever.Allot of guys would love to be in this position.what gives?

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  • 7 years ago
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    To be honest he is probably scared of getting you pregnant! It's not that he doesn't want to go bare with you "It's way better with it off anyways" but some guys have a phobia of getting something and still don't trust papers! It is kind of strange after years though but think of it in different perspectives. Have you ever asked if he had a pregnancy scare from his last time? He may have had a past mistake that he doesn't want to ever repeat again! Condoms are not 100% and neither are birth controls! I am on Mirena and it works perfectly bare back and everything even to having my man *** in me is awesome but it is scary for the most part because its not 100% but its like 1 in a million for it to happen! I say sit him down face to face and talk it out with him! Online won't work you have to see his reaction to your question!

  • Liza2
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    7 years ago

    He's a wise man. Birth control can fail. And sometimes women forget to take a pill here or there, or another medication (such as antibiotics) make the bc not work.

    Also, you guys are long distance. Even if you aren't cheating, he might be. (NO, I would not be calling him wise for cheating!!! Just for using a condom if he's not cheating and trying to remain safe.)

    Personally, I think if you are wise you should reconsider your position. No sex WITHOUT a condom. Why risk a life altering (or death bringing) STD or pregnancy for a long-distance "boyfriend"? It's just not worth it.

    He's not your husband. And you don't know what he's been up to. Don't forget that. Truly.

  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

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  • 7 years ago

    no i know i wouldn't , even though your on birth control doesn't mean your 100% not going to be prego. besides it's not much of a difference for a women

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  • Joe
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    7 years ago

    sorry but this is random;

    aren't you the person who complained about gaining 20 lbs????? and you asked yahoo answer users about it?

    well he doesnt because that might be why ^^^^^^^^

    or he just doesn't want to have a baby....have you ever thought of that?

  • boj
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    7 years ago

    Seems like he has his head on straight, yours on the other hand is a bit twisted.

    Too many people are catching life threatening diseases because they trusted their partners to be disease free. Also too many guys are falling prey to females who lie about birth control & end up being dads before they are ready. If you cant respect him for his decision then you should find a guy who wont mind giving you an STD or becoming a dead beat dad to a child with you.

  • 7 years ago

    I would say he doesn't Ask him why

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    OMG!!!! At least your BF is smarter than you!!!! The dumbest thing he could do is sleep with you (his chick on the side) without protection!!! Why would he want a baby by a women he just calls to town for sex?? That would mess things up with his GF spends most of his time with!!

  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

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