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Can you feed Guinea pigs human food?

I'm 13 years old, and my parents are finally letting me get a pet (a guinea pig). Though, they are saying if I truly want one I would have to pay for it all myself. To buy the Guinea pig itself and its cage, I'm gonna pay 80 dollars plus task. My allowance is 15 dollars a month, I want to be able to by the appliances for my guinea pig but I still want some money leftover for me. So I hear some people don't buy special food for guinea pigs, so what food can I give my guinea pig that's already probably in my kitchen. And yes I'm aware they are vegetarians.

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    Guinea pigs eat human food only in that they eat raw vegetables and occasional fruit. Anything else is unsuitable. But it takes a lot of work and research to give them a pellet-free diet and you'd need to have a massive variety of fresh vegetables available all the time. You can't just give them the occasional kitchen scrap and expect them to get all the nutrients they need from it.

    If you want to do this then do some serious research into HAFF diets (hay and fresh food) but I would strongly advise against it. It requires some very close monitoring to make sure they're getting everything they need. Especially since you're young and these would be your first guinea pigs it's not at all a good idea. If you can't afford a bag of pellets every month or so you are not at all prepared to care for guinea pigs.

    Even if you did do a pelletless diet you can't replace hay with anything from the kitchen. The only replacment is clean, untreated grass and a lot of it. I had a single guinea pig in a 22sq ft run and he ate every last piece of grass within 2 days. My trio in a similar sized run could eat down to the dirt within the day. Unless you have a field of grass available all year round you're going to need to buy hay for them.

    It is really not a good idea to get guinea pigs right now. Remember that they are social herd animals that need to live in pairs, if you can't get two it is irresponsible to get any.

    $80 is probably not going to be enough to buy a suitably sized cage and a pair of guinea pigs as well as everything else you need. You cannot pay for everything a guinea pig needs on $15 a month after that. You will definitely not be able to do it if you expect anything at all left over.

    What if they need to be rushed to a vet? How would you pay for that on $15 that you might have already spent?

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    Guinea pigs can eat a lot of veggies. If you also get veggies, you may be able to share some. They still should have pellets, but really don't need more than 1/8 of a cup a day, so even a small bag can last quite a while. They also need vitamin C in their diet, which can come from veggies, supplements or pellets.

    One way to save money is to buy hay in bulk. A bale of hay might cost $10, but should last close to a year (depends on how much they eat). This can drastically lower hays costs, especially when a small bag can cost $5-10 and only last a few days.

    Bedding is another area where costs can be cut. Many people use fleece and towels. It may cost a bit more upfront, but will last a long time and just needs to be washed when dirty. I do recommend having a few sets for the cage so you can just put in a clean set while you wash the dirty stuff.

    Make sure you do a lot of research before getting a guinea pig. They are social animals, so do best in same sex pairs or trios. This does mean you need a bigger cage, so look into a C&C cage. It really should not cost more than a pet store cage and can offer a ton more space.

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    I wouldn't advise it as some can make them very ill - you can feed them foods specially designed for guinea pigs - such as guinea pig chocolate - but apart from that nothing really sorry. Lucyy

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    Please discuss this with your veterinarian. Since you will have to take your pig in for check ups, and pay for those, you must also do your best to ensure that your fur baby gets the best possible care. This is not a one time payment, it continues for the life of the animal, around 4 to 5 years.

    These adorable little creatures need love and attention and they are very affectionate. If you cannot afford to take care of one (food, bedding, toys, emergency veterinarian if he's sick), and if you are too busy to give it DAILY attention and care, then hold off on placing a helpless little life at your mercy.

    Think if it this way: pets are like babies that never grow up and move out. You're always gonna have to feed them and change their diaper and give them attention and possibly put off doing something you want to do because your fur baby needs you.

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    First off you need to get enough money don't try to cut down on their food just so you can get them sooner they are a lot of work and may not be suitable for everyone.

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    Human food is for Humans, you might be able to give them it but it's more of a treat rather than food. just wait till you have the money

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