Which Graphics card should I get?

Should I get the MSi r9 290x lightning or the asus GTX Poseidon Platinum? I know the MSi card is $800 on newegg, but I can't find anywhere to buy the 780 poseidon platinum. The MSi card is slightly faster and the poseidon is a lot better for water cooling, if I got the poseidon I would probably do a custom water loop. But if I got the Lightning card I would probably just get a corsair H100i and maybe later get a water block. I do use after effects though so that's why I'm considering the poseidon knowing it has CUDA, though I'm not sure if I'm ever actually going to use ray-traced 3D. Does anyone know which of these cards are better? And where to buy the asus GTX 780 Poseidon Platinum? Thanks!

1 Answer

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