AMD Dual Graphics Question?

I have a Saphire 6950 and a APU A-10 5800K with an MSI FM2-A75MA-E35.

I am trying to "crossfire" the two, however this option does not show up. When I go into device manager, it clearly states that I have the latest drivers for the CPU and the discrete GPU module (7660D) as well as the Radeon 6950. No where in CCC does it have a tab for crossfire. However if I go into CCC, under information , and hardware, it says "primary adapter" which is AMD Radeon 6900 HD Series". And below that it says "Disabled adapter" which is AMD Radeon HD 7660D. Now how to I enable this adapter and have both of them enabled?

I know that my motherboard supports dual graphics AND overclocking. When going into BIOS, and intergrated graphics there is an option to chose between PEG and IDG. Not both. Any help?


1 Answer

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