What're my chances into getting accepted into Michigan State University?

I'm a girl who has a 3.9 Gpa, mixed with black and Native American (I am registered), all state track runner and cross country runner, marching band, national honor society, got a 24 on my act, has taken 7 ap classes, and Im in computer club. But I submitted my app kinda late (around valentines but I submitted my transcripts at the end of Feb). What are my chances of into MSU even tho I was late with my app? I didn't get a real answer the last time cuz ppl made it solely on race.

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  • 6 years ago
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    I am Native American and went to college in the midwest. I am familiar with the academic prestige of the Big 10 schools. In all honesty an ACT of 24 is kind of low. When I was in the midwest studying physics my fellow classmates routinely scored in the high 20s to low 30s on the ACT. A 30 was about average for the engineering calculus class. I know this pattern is common at Michigan, Michigan State, Ohio State, Wisconsin, etc.

    But you can retake the test and get a very high score or try a smaller college first then transfer to Michigan or Michigan State as a junior. I would recommend starting out at a community college or smaller local college like Central Michigan University, Western Michigan, University of Toledo, Northern Illinois, etc.

    I am pro-minority and saw a pattern. If a minority student came from a good high school and scored the same ACT score as others in the class (high 20s to mid 30s), then that minority student usually did well. But if a minority student was accepted with low ACT scores and placed in a class where the average ACT was 30 then the minority student usually wound up dropping out due to poor grades and academic burnout.

    So I would recommend going to a community college first to learn to study aggressively and get good grades (mostly As) then transfer to Michigan State or Michigan as a junior. An ACT of 24 is a "red flag" in my opinion for the Big 10 schools. You could do well with an ACT of 24 at schools like Northern Arizona University, Denver Metro, Arizona State, University of Central Florida, Florida Atlantic, etc. But Michigan State and Michigan are public ivy schools - very prestigious with many, many students who got ACT scores in the upper 20s or higher. You can compete with them if you just wait until your junior year. It really is for the best. I've seen too many minority students burnout if their high school courses were weak and the ACT scores were lower than average.

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  • 6 years ago

    Michigan State doesn't have an Application Deadline - it is Open Admission. However, some of the programs will fill up faster then others, so the earlier the better. Your official Application Date would have been the date that they received your transcripts and test scores. As you haven't received communique saying that your desired Major is "full", then I would suspect that you'll still be able to get in, or that they may offer you a different, though related Major. With a 3.9 and a 24, your grades and test scores are no problem at all.

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    6 years ago

    Was it after the deadline? Have they told you they would consider it? Usually, they won't even consider applications after the deadline.

    Anyone with a 3.9 has a good chance. But your ACT is only decent, not really good. Your activities are good. I doubt very much that your race or ethnicity will be a factor. MSU is sufficiently diverse that they don't have to make much of an attempt to accept minority students. It might be more of a factor if you were applying to schools with less diverse populations.

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