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Did canada ever had a war before?

Did canada ever had a war? Will it in the future?

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    Well "Canada" somewhat existed before Europeans since it is a native american word (the name of the tribe escapes me), so you could include various wars fought among Natives.

    Queen Ann's War

    Canada fought in the Seven Years War (expect the Americans call the North American theater the French and Indian War)

    Quebec was attacked during the Revolutionary War

    War of 1812

    Upper and Lower Canada Rebellion of 1837

    Red River Rebellion

    North-West Rebellion

    Second Boers War (around 7000 Canadians volunteered)

    First World War

    Second World War

    Korean War

    Various NATO engagements

    War in Afghanistan

    Unofficial but worth mentioning.

    During the Spanish Civil War around 5000 Canadians volunteered illegally to fight for either of the two camps. Though Canada was never declared war on Spain nor did it support the volunteers choice.

    So Canada saw its share of fighting during its young history.

    Now, will Canada fight a war in the future? That is a good question. It seems that Canada and Russia are poised to face each other in minor skirmishes with he opening up of the North West Passage and underwater boundaries. Both will have territorial claims and both will find oil in the arctic ocean. Who will have the rights might be determine by a show of weapons (though not necessarily resolving to an actual war).

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    Canada fought in both World Wars.

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    Canada has fought numerous wars in the early days to build it into a nation including the US, and general where Britain fought they did as well.

    They went to support Britain in the early days, years before the Americans became involved and since WWII they have been at the shoulder of the Americans most of the time in wars

    Canada will be looking toward the UN and NATO for guidance with any future wars anywhere in the world



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    Canada has participated in a number of wars.

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