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IRS Refund?

Hello everyone,

I've recently been struggling with figuring out just when my refund check will come.

I e-filed using Turbo Tax on 02/01/14 and was accepted the same day. Surprisingly my refund was sent out on February 13th, within the 21 day period. The downside is; my mother used her Rushcard to receive my refund but apparently because I wasn't originally on the account (even though my mother added me) it was sent back to the IRS.... this was told to my mother by a Rushcard Rep. I've already received my state check in the mail.... but not my federal. Can someone tell me what is going on? it seems as though I've been getting the runaround from everyone. The refund was supposedly sent back on the 19th of February. Is there a processing time for when the IRS receives a denied refund? has anyone else experienced this? I'm really needing some sort of stable answer that will keep me from losing it. I was really depending on this money to pay off a few things, and everywhere I look/read... I'm receiving answers about waiting periods up to nine weeks. Some are luckier than others and receive theirs within two. Any advice? suggestions? Experiences?

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    When an ACH deposit bounces it takes the IRS 4 to 6 weeks to convert the refund to a paper check and mail it to you.

    If it was kicked back on Feb 19 the IRS should have a record of that by now. Call and see if they can tell you if they have a record of it being kicked back.

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    It comes when it comes. It takes an additional 4-6 weeks for the paper check most times.

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    u will need to contact to fill in the proper

    forms and wait till they reissue the money.

    Source(s): decades of filings
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