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Pokemon Hacked Ditto?

I want to make a perfect IV team and i cant get a perfect IV ditto, So if i use a program such a pokebuilder and say make Perfect IV Ditto, and perfect IV Treeko, Breed them, Would the egg be a bad egg? Or would i be able to trade this hatched treeko to my pokebank?

Treeko(hacked) + Ditto (Hacked) = egg

Is that egg going to be detected as a hacked egg? Or a legit egg?


Will be Doing this in Black 2

Then putting them in pokebank to transfer to X & Y

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    No, so you have nothing to worry about. The parent can be as illegally screwed up but your Ivs will still carry on and and produce a legitimate egg which can later be used in Nintendo wi-if tournaments. Trust me, I'm a top notch hacker.

    Source(s): I know because I've done it many times here :
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