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janhoi asked in Politics & GovernmentPolitics · 6 years ago

Question about the Presidency...............?

Do you agree with this assessment of both the presidency and the nature of political power itself.....................?

It seems to be that it is the nature of both the Presidency and political power in general that you are inevitably going to make decisions at some point that are unethical, immoral, etc. And every single President of the United States, and every major political leader from George Washington to the present of done so.

Take for example foreign policy. I cannot think of one modern President of the United States that at some point has not made an unethical decision regarding foreign policy. Roosevelt firebombed Dresden and Tokyo. Truman dropped the Atom Bomb. Eisenhower overthrew democratically elected governments in Guatemala and Iran. Kennedy sanction the bombing of sugar cane fields in Cuba. Johnson used Napalm in Vietnam. Nixon bombed Cambodia and backed a fascist government in Chile. Ford backed the genocidal Indonesian invasion of East Timor. Carter started operation Cyclone in Afghanistan. Reagan backed genocidal rebel groups in central America. Bush Sr invaded Panama. Clinton bombed Sarajevo. Bush launched an illegal war and backed torture. Obama uses Drone Strikes.

Many of these decisions were made, both because of the ideologies of each president, the political pressures put on them by people like the Joint Chiefs of Staff, etc, as well as the historical circumstances


Most of us would like to believe that we would be on the side of social justice, human rights, international law, etc. But I think if anyone of us were President, we would be the biggest War Criminals out their.

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  • 6 years ago
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    Asking this question is like opening Pandora's box. I will just say no, I don't approve of the presidency. Now it's time for me to get the popcorn and watch the debates unfold.

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    6 years ago

    You could say that - because of these same things - the US is facing a "crisis", politically, specially in foreign policy.

    The funny part (at least to me), is that the word 'crisis' comes from Greek, meaning actually "judgement".

    The question now, reverts into a totally different light: is the US under "Judgement"? And - if so - WHO is judging it for?

    Isn't it peculiar...?

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