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Best workout program for building muscle 3 day week?

I am about to embark on a muscle building program on a lean bulk but I cant find a workout program that suits me. I have been looking on but im coming up short due to my circumstances.

Info: Im quite active as well as have a day job and usually train in the mornings im looking for a 3 day a week program due to me training in muay thai 2 days a week so that kinda goes towards my cardio as it does burn a lot of calories. I have an hour in the mornings to train before i go to work.

As I also stated Im doing a lean bulk as i dont want to add to much fat.

Any recommendations and all answers welcome thanks

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    6 years ago

    You should really check out Kyle Leon's Gain Muscle Program, it's the best muscle building program in the recent times. It's a MS Excel based application which utilises a lot of data related to the user's specific body type, in order to help him/her create an ideal nutrition plan for his/her unique body type.

    It also synchronises and customises every user's individual training program, in line with his/her daily nutrition needs, thereby ensuring that he/she is able to develop muscle mass in a safe manner and free of fats.

    I packed 20 lbs of lean muscle in one month and a half by doing his program. Check out his video at to learn how it works. You will gain lean muscle mass as quickly as humanly possible. Good luck!

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    5 years ago

    Simply how much would you bench? The length of time did it take you to get to where you stand today? What's your benchpush aim? To be able to give the best reaction to these issues you'll need this program , The Critical Bench system.

    The Critical Bench is an application just for energy, but power gets can equal measurement gains.

    The exercises you will find in this book so that will assist you to in achieving that impressive benchare: triceps press downs, triceps extensions (skull crushers), shut grip benchpush, barbell/dumbbell neck press and triceps falls but this point are only a small part of what you would learn with this program.

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    How often perhaps you have observed some guy benching while arching his straight back and bouncing the weight down his chest? Properly please don't follow that moron. Let him learn the difficult way because you can learn the nice way from here

    Critical Bench is a bench press plan personalized by MikeWesterdal. It's one of many significantly common bodybuilding programs that lines up with different significant body building routines like Tom Venuto's Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle.


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    6 years ago

    Have you tried using Muscle Gaining Secrets process. Try on this site : . Possibly this could completely guide each and every one!

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    You don’t have any excuse anymore for consuming very good, healthy and all this while you are losing bodyweight and tonific your entire body.

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    Have a look thro' links below, should help you out a bit.

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