tropical fish need light?

i have a Neon Tetra, Red Tail Shark, and a Plecostamus in my 10 gallon tank the has a lighted hood. they all get fed once a day, and weekly water changes 50% change once a month i drain the water, transfer the fish out of tank, scrub it out, and rinse the rocks problem is the water is pretty much green with algae. even after i change the water its still green. it builds up on the rocks quick too , even though when i change the water i vacuum the rocks. my question is do these fish absolutely have to have a light? i turn it on in the a.m. and turn it off before i go to bed at 8 p.m. in fact i put the Plecostamus in cause i was told they are good for algae buildup. any suggestions?


thanks for the info the people at Petsmart told us we would be fine with the fish we had in this 10 gallon...i have experience at taking care of fish but im still somewhat a newbie. i dont actually change the water 100% i learned that the hard way :( after i scrubbed the glass tank out i would return half of the water i took out, then return the fish and fill the rest with clean treated room temp water. i will stop scrubbing the tank out though.

Update 2:

whats the shortest amount of time to leave the light on and they will still enjoy great lives? i gotta get the algae levels down in this tank but i dont wanna hurt the fish either? should i do more water changes? i already do weekly one and if i constantly do water changes i heard that can be stressful on the fish

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  • 7 years ago

    A light no, A 55 gallon + tank yes.

    You should never do 100 % water changes unless it is some kind of emergency.

    The Red tailed shark needs a 55 gallon tank, the pleco, depending on the species, needs a 30-150 gallon tank. The neon needs a 20 gallon tank with at least 5 other neons. the waste build up is too much for a ten gallon and any filter you could possibly have in a ten gallon, and starts fertilizing algae.

    The 100% water changes blow the biological filter cycle, then the tank and filter has to start a new one, you have constant new tank syndrome which causes algae blooms.

    You should never add a fish just because you want them to clean up for you. Fish eat algae , than it comes out the other end as fertilizer for more algae, often its a different type of algae that the fish wont evan eat.

    Tank hood lights are for humans to see the fish, the fish should not be in pitch black like in a room with no windows and no tank lights, but if you have windows there are fine with tank lights, evan when feeding. evan at night

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    7 years ago

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