Win 8.1 driver for Zebra LP 2824 label printer?

Did something change in Windows 8 (more specifically 64-bit 8.1) that regular Windows printer drivers may not work? I tried to install the printer driver for a Zebra LP 2824 label printer from its CD and after entering the IP address of the printer and choosing the driver, it just aborted with some error about "wrong environment".

And after attempted install of the printer driver, when I tried to manually add a printer and updating to the full list that Windows had for drivers, there were some Zebra drivers, but nothing remotely similar.

When I asked Zebra support their odd reply was:

"The designer driver is not working in windows 8.1 yet..

The only software and driver that i know to be working is a bartender driver from seagull scientific"

I have no idea what a "designer" or "bartender" driver is, I am just looking for what I think is an EPL printer driver to be able to print to the printer from MS Word.


PS: I guess what made me not even look at the Designer driver before was the word "Designer" instead of Zebra simply calling it a printer driver (which it is). And it is for 32/64-bit bunch of Windows versions including 8. Since Windows 8.1 is mostly a cosmetic update that driver works fine in 8.1 as well (tested with Word files for labels previously composed in WinXP). That is why I gave Richard J Best Answer.

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