Why my fever keeps coming back? And I'm really worried?

So basically I'm only 13 years old. On Monday morning I woke up with a head ach and sore throat i still went to school then later on I started getting cold and at the end of the day I randomly got a fever I went home and sleep my temperature was 38.8 I took medicine and it worked! The next day I had a fever again so I didn't went to school and for some reason I ended up having a back ach then later on my temperature was 37.8 i was feeling much more better then later on that day my sis came home then suddenly I got a fever wich is 39.9 then I took a medicine again I was feeling much more better then this morning I woke feeling all right I went to school and everything is al right when I got home I still felling all right then around 5 o clock I got a fever but my temperature was only 37.5 then I went to sleep then my mom woke me up she gave me medicine and I check my temperature it's 38.9 and I checked it again ( which is right know when I'm typing this) it is 38.8 I am really worried

Pls what is going on? I'd never had this before? Pls help me! Give me advice! Pls

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    7 years ago
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    Ok , so probrably the medicine was just to stop the pain for a few hours , they maybe were painkileers or something but they werent supposed to take out the fever i'd guess , so your fever was the same all the time , kjust try to take some rest and drink lots of water

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