delete icloud backups on safari?

Recently my cousin got an iPod and used my icloud account, for a while I wasn't getting any data from it but recently Safari has these sites I've never been to in the history. Whenever I try to access different tabs and scroll down, sites she's been to are there. With the label 'iPod touch' and he icon for icloud.

How can I remove those sites?

I've already tried deleting backups for safari from settings and clearing the history.

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  • 6 years ago
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    Letting your cousin use your Windows User Account as you, and then use your iTunes Store Account (and your iCloud Account) was your big mistake. What you should have done, was created a separate Windows User Account for her, then, let her get her own iCloud Account, and then, she could sign up for her own iTunes Account.

    But, you do NOT need to delete any iCloud Back Ups, period.

    Now, you have to return your unidentified iOS device to Factory-new, and then sign-in to your existing iTunes Store Account, then re-acquire all of your purchases from the iTunes Store. More info:

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