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whats your favorite song?

Mine are

caraphinalla - pierce the veil

match into water - pierce the veil

Rodger rabbit - pierce the veil

little talks - of monster of men

gas pedal

waiting for super man - Daughtry

hold on till may - pierce the veil

put your back into it - Teefill

fire fly's - owl city

single ladies put a,ring on it - Beyonce

anything by pierce the veil

anything by sleeping with sirens

anything by black veil brides

anything by bring me the horizon

anything by Taylor,Swift

you make me wanna role my windows up

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    6 years ago
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    Mines are

    Rap god Eminem

    Umbrella Rihanna

    All she wrote Eminem t

    Roar Katy perry

    Dark horse Katy perry

    Dead bite Hollywood undead

    7 things Miley cyrus

    Wrecking ball Miley cyrus

    Adore you Miley cyrus

    The climb Miley cyrus

    I luh ya papi Jennifer lopez

    On the floor (Pitbull ft Jenniferlopez)

    Hotel room service Pitbull

    Back in time Pitbull

    We own it 2 chains wiz khalifa

    Skrillex Rock n roll

    Get up and dance

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    Say Something-A great big world and Christina Aguilera

    This is the most beautiful song ever

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    3 doors down- here without baby.

    adele =someone like you

    pitbull- give me everything tonight

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