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How do you get into the wwe?

I just wanted to know how do you get into the wwe. And is it ever to late to start?Like 13 for example.

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    There's a couple of ways you can do it.

    You have to go to a school that teaches you how to do professional wrestling. You have to be in great shape and have a good deal of muscle.

    Now you can go one of two ways,

    One, Just like CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, Dean Ambrose, Solomon Crowe, and Seth Rollins did you can make quite a buzz for yourself in the independent wrestling scenes. If the WWE feels that you are worth the money they will contact your managers to offer you a contract.

    Two once you graduate college for it you can either go to FCW (Florida Championship Wrestling) or OHV (OHio Valley Wrestling) as part on of the devolopmental territory company to get ready for the WWE. Part two will send you to NXT which is in front of a larger audience to see how you handle the pressure competing in front of an Arena and seeing if you can get a crowd reaction and make a buzz for yourself there. Once you pass NXT you will go to the Main Roster and debut either on Smack Down or Raw. Hopefully Raw since it's the Flag Ship show right now.

  • Playing Sports most of your life is a good idea because WWE is always looking for good athletes. WWE holds Wrestling Tryouts on a regular basis. WWE invites High School Wrestlers, College Wrestlers, Independent Wrestlers, College Athletes and Professional Athletes. If WWE Staff are impressed with you, you will be offered a WWE Developmental Contract and sent to The WWE Performance Center in Central Florida where you will be assigned to NXT, WWE's Developmental Wrestling Promotion. If WWE Staff feel that you are continuing to progress both as a Professional Wrestler and as a Character you will be advanced through the ranks in NXT. If not you will be released. When WWE thinks you are ready, you will be called up to WWE.

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    Well to join wwe you have to be good at acting, smashing people with ladders and talking crap about peoples mothers.

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