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Help with MS Access creating queries?

Hi so if anyone who knows microsoft access well could answer I'd really appreciate it as well as give you a good review.

I've got two tables, one called coaches, one called players. They share team name in common. I have to create a query called coach total so that access displays the coach's name and how many players on his team. How do I do this?

In context: One of the coaches has the name "joe", and he belongs to the team "braves." The player table contains all the players and the team they belong to. My query has to include Joe and how many players he has on his team the braves.

I don't know if I am giving enough information so if theres anything missing, I'll repost later with the right info.

Thank you!

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    Just do a Google search for:

    How to create effective MS-Access Queries

    Then, start reading, this skill is very challenging to get really good at.

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