Question about Christianity.................?

Why is it that people are more familiar with the negatives of Christian history, and not the positives................?

Since I don't have enough word space, I am just gonna list a few positives and negatives done in the name of Christianity. I will guarantee people are familiar with the latter and not the former.




-Witch Burnings

-Wars of religion between Protestants and Catholics

-Galileo Affair

-Role of Churches in Residential schools in Canada, and Stolen Generations in Australia

-Historic Antisemitism and Pogroms against Jews

-Large amount of Homophobia to the present(i.e Uganda right now)

-Historic Sexism and Misogyny against women

-Role of Christians in Slave Trade


-Role Christians played in denouncing female infanticide during the Roman period

-Role of Christians in banning the Gladiatorial games

-The influence of St Thomas Aquinas's natural law theology on international law through the 16th century Salamancan monks like Francisco de Vitoria

-The role of the Church in the Anti Communist movement in Eastern Europe(Pope John Paul II)

-The fact that the founder of the term "social justice" was an Italian Priest influence by St Thomas Aquinas

-The role of the Church in ending the genocide in East Timor(Filipe Ximenes Belo)

-Civil Rights Movement

-Founder of the Big Bang theory being a Priest(supported by the Church)

-Liberation theology(Oscar Romero)


I am betting most people don't even know anything about the later for obvious reasons

Update 2:

@Palavi me evidence that all the facts I presented about the positives are false. Are you sure that the Catholic Church played no part in the solidarity movement in Poland that led to the downfall of communism? Are you sure that there was no liberation theology in Latin America, or Oscar Romero, bishop of El Salvador who was assassinated protecting the poor?

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago
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    the relgion is true......................the people always fail to follow the rules

  • Jay
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    6 years ago

    You wrote: 'Question about Christianity.................?'

    My answer - Atheists turn to their brains, in order to make a plan of action to help them.

    These aren't positives to be just claimed by Christians because there were some Atheists involved in:

    - denouncing female infanticide during the Roman period

    - banning the Gladiatorial games

    - the use of natural law theology on international law

    - the Anti Communist movement in Eastern Europe

    - social justice

    - ending the genocide in East Timor

    - the Civil Rights Movement

    - the Big Bang theory founder Georges Lemaître, a Belgian cosmologist, & also a priest

    - Liberation theology

    All these points were successful because of the people involved and not because of religion/believers, that may have had a role in them.

    Harming people, human right & science are important to everyone, even us Atheists.

  • Well, the church is SUPPOSED TO do good stuff, so it's not headlines when it does. Man bites dog/dog bites man.

    "Role of Christians in banning the Gladiatorial games "

    I think they may have had a vested interest in this one.


    Put another way, what if Santa, as well as giving toys to kids, murdered a couple of them? Would people still luvs him?

  • G C
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    6 years ago

    Homosexuality has been forced onto the Christians so that they have to respond. When we do, people call us 'homophobic', which means we have an exaggerated fear of homosexuals, but the reality is we are for them, so we tell them the truth. That is not fear, but love, true love.

    It is in their best interest and ours to be straight with them and any who are wondering.

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