How offended would muslims be if secular nations treated muslims like muslim nations treat non-muslims?

This article doesn't mention what the text said. I could have been a simple "I don't believe mohammed was a prophet". Religion poisons everything.


Answer the question.

Update 2:

Hercules can't give an honest answer, because to do so he would have to admit that muslim nations do not treat non-muslims as fairly as secular nations treat muslims.

Update 3:

Wrong about what? You think non-muslims aren't persecuted in Egypt? Go search on churches burned in Egypt and

Perhaps things are improving since the Muslim Brotherhood was removed from power.

And Turkey had military enforced secularism and banned hijab, but now the islamists are gaining power, banning youtube and twitter.

Update 4:

Mustafa, while I appreciate your attempt to answer the question, unlike the complete avoidance of the issue like Ruchjat and Hercules, I have to say I disagree. You, yourself must see that the majority of "muslims" in this section alone believe it's right to murder someone for leaving islam. You cannot just hand-wave that away. There is a fundamental problem. Religion is a personal thing - my problem is with state-enforced religion. It ruins freedom of thought, speech and expression.

Update 5:

Angela, that's not the question. Western secular nations have been fought christians for hundreds of years to keep "blasphemy laws" out of government.

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    7 years ago
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    Muslims demand respect and special treatment in western countries where they are a minority and completely and utterly stomp on non-muslims in countries in which they are majority.

    One on the worst positions you can be in in the world is to be a non-muslim in a muslim dominant country. muslims believe non-muslims to be worthy of rape, assault, and murder. Egypt is one example as you have pointed out.

    Don't expect direct answers from muslim in YA, you'll get the run around and side step as usual.

  • 6 years ago

    I see u r so interested to learn abt Islam, ok now i tell u man.

    Islam says that we should respect to Christians and Jews coz they are the people of book. The reason is we came from the same root and most important we worship the same God, but with different specialties.

    As christians call Jesus as the son of God, although Muslims call him the messanger of God. And his book which is bible is abolished.

    I just wanted to tell u that, being un respectful for people of book or any other religion is not allowed Islam (although Jihad is must in Islam, but it depends in situations)

    U said that how many churches are destroyed and ....

    There are reasons as, maybe the country was an Islamic country, in an Islamic country non Muslims are not allowed to have a worshiping place. other reasons can be their disrespects to Islam or Muslims or their can be other issues too. Do not see the title, read the whole information why this happened.

    But if this was happened without any reasons, they are not allowed. Although I am sure it can't be without reason.

    So sometimes people do mistakes, and most of the time people they use a wrong way of something, so we cannot say that the whole thing is wrong. Don't be confused with what people are doing, just read about Islam, why Islam wants us to do this? What is the benefit, secrets behind this? Quran is not just a book, there are thousands of secrets which is really important to know. So continue reading about facts, Don't think about what others do, follow what really Islam wants.

    Hope it helped you.

    Source(s): Muslim view
  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Not all muslim countries do treat non Muslims bad. I have some English friends and they've been to Egypt, Turkey, Bangladesh, Dubai and have met many Muslims who treat them well and they had a good time their too.

    They have still kept contact with those Muslim people they have met when travelling by twitter and your wrong about that.

    And if a country was to treat anyone from a different background and religion horribly then they would be upset and probably move to an area where their are people who are from their same background or move out from that country. Some just stick it out and I find these people to be strong

  • 7 years ago

    I'd be pissed. There are several reasons as to why Muslims don't live in " Muslim " countries. I myself am a Muslim, and I'm really mad at how some of these countries treat apostates and non-Muslims when the religion says the very contrary. They make it seem as if Islam is some kind of barbaric religion and that it's somehow Islam's fault, and refer to muslims countries as their basis for their arguments when the entire conclusion is based on premises that are fallacious.

    The presumption is that muslim countries are 100 % Islamic or that some of the laws, (read: esp the laws that jeopardize human rights and whatnot) are based on Islam, so people jump to the conclusion that Islam is the root - without any justifications whatsoever in relevance to Islam. They have to rely solely on muslim countries but can't even prove that some of the laws there are Islamic, and later rely merely on out of context verses and weak Hadiths.

    "Here in the land of the Turks we have nothing to complain of. We possess great fortunes; much gold and silver are in our hands. We are not oppressed by heavy taxes and our commerce is free and unhindered. Rich are the fruits of the earth. Everything is cheap and each one of us lives in freedom. Here a Jew is not compelled to wear a yellow star as a badge of shame as is the case in Germany where even wealth and great fortune is a curse for a Jew because he therewith arouses jealousy among the Christians and they devise all kinds of slander against him to rob him of his gold. Arise my brethren, gird up your loins, collect up your forces and come to us."

    Rabbi in Turkey writing to his brethren in Europe where they were facing increasing persecution after 1453 - 'Constantinople', Philip Mansel

    In the times of the Khilafah!

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  • Angela
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    7 years ago

    Blasphemy laws are enforced to supress free will and opposition to disagree

  • 7 years ago

    Salam We Muslims hope a reciprocal good treatment of secular countries to Muslims because we treat good our disbelievers(non Muslims) in our Muslim countries We have tolerance for them We respect them We do not want to be offended and we do not want to offend others too.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    hercules do you ever answer the question

    or do you fly of topic on purpose

    if you havnt got anything good to say dont say it

  • 7 years ago

    Keep feeding on these articles and media

    You are very bright my friend

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