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What is the SWOT analysis of a casino being developed?

I am doing this as a paper for University. I am pretty good with the internals, the strengths and weaknesses. But I need some help with getting the externals, the opportunities and threats.

Would increased potential of drinking and driving be a weakness or a threat?

Also, would gambling addiction be a weakness or a threat?

Please help me out. 10 points up for grabs

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  • Chad
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    6 years ago
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    Competition from other casinos, racetracks, bingo, etc...

    Changes in laws... if the state outlaws casinos... that's a big threat. Or if they change the taxation.

    Gambling addition is a threat but the states make the casinos put TONS of money into offering people help it would be difficult to say you didn't know the dangers. I doubt many people win lawsuits against casinos for addiction.

    Drinking and driving is a threat as well... Probably more so at casinos with free drinks.

    Crime is a potential problem too... especially in urban casinos. People will not visit a casino if they don't feel safe. And if the crime is rampant the city/state may turn against the casino and possibly shut it down or take the liquor license.

    hope that helps... I can't really speak to the particulars of specific SWOT analysis... but those are my ideas on some outside problems a casino faces.

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  • Gale
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    4 years ago

    Yeah I had to do one for business class

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