in your opinion rank these colleges: indiana, syracuse, michigan state, texas?

i'm planning to get a business degree at one of those schools


forgot to add wisconsin to that list

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  • 6 years ago
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    Michigan State



    All are very good schools for business in my opinion. Where you can go depends on who offers you admission, if you are going to apply, might as well apply to all of them, plus other great universities too.

    Source(s): business graduates
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    6 years ago

    Not with this super bad language skills. Indiana, capitalized, is the name of a state in the USA and it is not a college. Same for Texas. If you are able to "memorize" the texting slang shorthand code lingo, which is 100% incorrect in all aspects of the language, perhaps you can learn the correct English grammar? There is little correct grammar in this rather short composition. Tragic.

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