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is china the home of skyscrapers?

among top 300 buildings, China has over 150... United States has less than 30...

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    yes it is. the US used to be the home of skyscrapers from 1920s to 2000s, now it's china.

    China has over 6,000+ buildings and structures taller than 250m, United States has less than 800...

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    Lisa is correct it depends on how you define skyscaper and "the home" how you judge, but the BA here isn't going to be picked on any factual knowledge.

    Western countries have no need to build skyscapers, their infrastructure is already in place and has no real need to build extra cities. China on the other hand has poor infrastructure, under developed cities and has a need to build skyscrapers, especially as there is a rural to urban migration.

    Hong Kong has more skyscapers than any other country on a per captia basis.

    It also has more building per captia, over 100 metres high. In fact it has more building over 100 metres than Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chongqing,Beijing, Tianjin, Nanjing, Dalian, Chengdu, Wuhan, Shenyang, Qindao, Hangzhou all put together.

    Hong Kong also has more building over 150 meters than Shanghai and Shenzhen put together.

    While China may have the highest total of skyscapers, it is certainty not the home of them, that titles goes to the USA which in the 1880s saw developments which lead to them becoming a global occurrence.

  • Lísa
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    It depends how you see it.

    Who created the first skyscraper, who has the most, who has the tallest, what country is making a lot of them at the moment.

    I suppose it is where each person sees it.

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    It use to be from bird cages. Tall ones. As that is were the idea came from. But today they are out dated in America. As the computer made it posable to spread the work out and even take home. So no longer needed here. Only place they are building them in in places were land prices make them cost eficiant to use.

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